The Star Glutton By Medalis

The Sar Glutton is the Cosmic Consumer.
He never stops eating ever.
He hoards many precious treasures.

To pray to him you must collect 7 Stomachs.
He uses these to increase the size of his own stomach so he can eat more.
And then you must get him a box full of Doughnuts to Consume.
And Pizza as well
But NOT a vegetable pizza because he hates vegetables and fruit.

You must arrange the items on purple runes and stand on a purple rune when you pray to him.

"Oh great Star Glutton. I humbly offer you these stomachs and foodstuffs. Please accept my offering and reward me with fine gifts."

If he is in a good mood he will reward you with a special item.
If he is in a bad mood he will smite you.

He hates Women and will always smite them.
He hates Jannies and will always smite them

He can turn people into monsters but will rarely do this because it requires effort and he hates working.