Print Job #734 By Mr.Bones

Slippo stared down at Mute, as he rubbed the Mimes face on his Bulge. "You're gonna slip my Banana, and you're gonna like it..." Muttered Slippo.
He took off his suspenders and suit, and you could see the girth of his Banana starting to pop out of his Boxers all the while Mute was carefully taking them off.
Once the Boxers got down far enough, the Banana's base was visible, while the rest of it's length was pointing down into the concealed darkness of the wear. The Banana finally popped out with an Audible Honk. Mute was Impressed by the Size. 10 Inches while Erect, and 5 Inches of Girth. Slippo grabbed on the back of Mute's head and started Bobbing it up and down his Length. The Clown Shoes were loud, but not getting in the way of anyones good time. End Of Part 1