On 6ix9ine By D.A.V.E.


6ix9ine is one of the most intelligent human beings on this planet. His IQ can be put up with the IQ's of both Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. How do I know this? The answer is simple, his music. 6ix9ine's music has hidden meanings cleverly placed within them that show his mental superiority. For example, in 6ix9ine's song titled "POOPOO," he says, "Got munchies, eat a brown nuggy uh." Now the average person would think that 6ix9ine is talking about eating small pieces of feces in the shape of nuggets. However, this is just a trick that he uses to hide the deeper meaning. 6ix9ine is actually saying how to solve world hunger by using human feces to create more food. This man is truly a genius and when he dies, I feel like a great amount of knowledge is going to be lost.