Horny Dragons By Toby Wade

An Early Awakening
Written by Toby Wade

It was the 50th day into the winter on a certain planet that had alot of similarities with earth. But the thing that really stood out was the dragons.

Instead of being humans, there were dragons. Big, feral, and mostly predatory. They had a huge variety of species, ranging from crystal dragons, to plain old scaly ones. Sizes varied too.

During winter, some species slept like bears do on earth. One of those were Caedes. Caedes was a regular type of dragon, nothing too special. He was pretty big though. He woke up that day, his cock as big and hard as a pillar. The exact size was about 20 inches in length, and 8 inches in girth.

With a puff, he got a claw down to the girthy cock, and began stroking the musky shaft of his. The amount of time he had been sleeping had made it him sweaty, especially around the crotch. The cave he slept in was very warm most of the time.

The musk was filling his mind, making him hornier than before. The increased lust made him eager for more, so his stroking sped up a little.
The increased lust made him eager for more, so his stroking sped up a little. He was begin very careful not to accidentally cut his own manhood, which wasn't the easiest thing to do.

Soon, he was rewarded with a good drop of precum. Curious, he extended his tongue out, and got it down to the precum, picking it up. His tongue could extend quite a bit. It wasn't very common for a dragon to have a small tongue.

The taste was a mix between salty, 'musky', and mild sugar.

The use of his tongue gave him an idea. He brought his head down to his shaft, and opened his mouth up. After a bit of struggling, and ignoring the fact that his teeth should utterly destroy his own dick. He began to suck it, bopping his head up and down his musky, sweaty dragon cock.

After stroking and sucking for some time, he finally reached climax, his cock throbbing heavily, before releasing strand upon strand of his rich dragon jizz. Alot of it spilled over him as he had fallen asleep from the amount of pleasure.

Satisfied he was, and he slept for the rest of the winter. He woke up covered in dried dragon jizz, so that wasn't fun, but tasted nice, and there was enough for him to avoid eating all day without being hungry.

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