Doomsday Survival Guide (revised) By Nasty Jax

Doomsday Survival Guide

The following guide has been written not only for your ultimate survival, but for the survival of crew members important by rank or releations to yourself.
Outline Listed in order of importance and ease-
  • Externals & Crowbar
  • Medkit
  • Good Access for ID
  • Armor & Flashlight
  • Base of Operation
  • Weapons & Restraints
  • Spacesuit
  • Hand Held Radio

Detailed instructions
Put on externals! Find a crowbar from a vendor or red emergency toolbox. Get your hands on a medkit (You can make gauze by using wirecutters on bed sheets). If HoP is not around to give access,use wirecutters on his flash to remove it!). Next is armor and you are going to want a helmet since yur head is vital and most targeted (light on). Now secure a remote SAFE location and set up your base. In a pinch please use wirecutter on this guide to store tools inside...
Makeshift weps soon to come! Nasty Jaxon