Woke Up One Morning By Evan Dawson

I was really hungry and I was running kind of late so for breakfast I had beans, broccoli and leftover chicken tacos that we had for dinner tasted a bit strange but I ate it all rather quickly anyway since I was so hungry. Then for large egg/bacon burrito as well as some caesar salad. After lunch, I was in históry class and my stomach started making loud, grumbling noises. having bad cramps, and I was sweating really bad. I asked the teacher to go, but he said no. So anyway, I was sitting there, trying to think of some happy thoughts until class was over. Then I felt a large stabbing pain in my abdomen and before l knew I had crapped in my pants. A pestilent stench rose around my seat as diarrhea spilled out of my anus. I felt the warm, wet diarrhea fill my underwear and it began dripping down my legs into my socks. My legs felt very slippery and lubricated the point where my shorts were sliding down my legs.