Cultist Tounges By Judy Lowwer

Of all the cultist languages to exist, Ratvarian is perhaps one of the worst. Ratvarian tounge reads terribly and horribly translates to paper. It's painfully obvious that whoever had created it never inteded for its use outside of evocations. The language is more of an amaligmation of tounges that Galactic Common. The vowels are highly flawed, and the prose is childish at best. Whoever created this language, god or not, needs to get off their fucking high horse and learn the basics of what makes a good language.

In stark
contrast, Nar-Sian is wonderfully crafted. A language with such flow that it's existance has inspired deep speak, infernal, slaughter demon, and several others. Perhaps its greatest feature of all is its incredible usage of consanants and "Thhusfars", a feature found in no other languages to date. It's focus on both written and spoken lanuages makes it exellent for invocations and evocations. Many wizards (They still havent responded to my application!) will volentarily pick up this language unknowingly in their studies, as its properties make it perfect for conducting magic.