Forbidden Love By Dante Trusley

It was a boring shift for the Head of Security, John Caesar. Only an Assistant breaking a window once interrupted the painful small talk he was forced to engage in with the Warden. That was, until Lisa Green walked into the Warden's office.
"Warden, you are dismissed."
"Yes, Captain."
John seemed to be the only one who noticed Lisa's eyes; the way her hair flowed as if blown by an unseen wind at all times. He could hardly handle himself while she was near, but he only saw her for a minute or so at a time; grabbing gear or demoting officers. That being said, he was confused.
"Lisa, why on earth did you dismiss the warden?"
"Here. I'll show you."
John took tentative steps towards Lisa, attempting to appear calm and collected. The moment he reached her, Lisa shoved him into a table and put zipties on him from behind.
"I doubt that's a taser in your pocket, John." Lisa said as she pocketed his headset. "Truth be told, I have feelings