Simple Text to Radio By Science Department

Simple Text to Radio circuit

{"assembly":{"type":"type-d electronic assembly"},"components":[{"type":"tiny photovoltaic cell"},{"type":"starter"},{"type":"text-to-speech circuit","inputs":[[1,0,"Please insert the frecuency you want to talk in (without the dot) and the message you would like to send. Restarting the device results in this message playing again. If an encryption key is needed, screwdiver the device, remove the Text to Radio module, insert the encryption key, reinsert the module and screwdiver the device again."]]},{"type":"number pad","name":"Enter The Frecuency"},{"type":"text pad","name":"Enter The Message"},{"type":"button","name":"Send The Message"},{"type":"text-to-radio circuit","inputs":[[1,0,"Test"],[2,0,1459]]}],"wires":[[[2,"A",1],[3,"A",1]