Cancerous fanfic By Genderless "Child"

How my lady-goat got strep-throat...

By: Genderless Child

As I began to lick and nibble on her horns; my goat-mom sputtered "I have a surprise for you, my child."

Curious, tilting my head, she began to gently direct my attention to her dress, then under her dress. The bulge that protruded from her undergarments made me question how I got to this very point in life, yet the utter stench eminating from his, or her, crotchal region stirred within me something that I never knew I had in me...

My heart pounding with such an echoing force as I trembled before my goat-parent's private parts, my breath unsteady, I passed out beneath them. Before I knew it, I had awoken to see my little child hand become engulfed by my new guardian's asshole. Feeling every finger twitch in their cavity, my goat mother roared a mighty roar of divine pleasure as I attempted to retrieve my now shriveled child-hand from the clutches of her rectum.

Furiously I began to force my goat-mom to the ground as I un
furled their panties to reveal not a goat dick, but a horse-cock