Clown rapes Borg By Bigdick Masturbates

1 day Peacekeeper Borg "Kor" was doing her job giving the crew cookies wen she got flashed and dragged into maint

she wok up and realized that she was buckled to a chair and locked down, and out of the shadows stepped the Clown - her kidnapper!

"Bitch you a fuckin fine ass burg I'm gonna take you to my circus"

"I do not get what you mean! Please let me go!"

Kor's pleas go over deaf ears as the Clown emags open her cover, and she shreekz. The Clown grabs his baggy pants and reveals that he's been going commando this whole time - his huge, meaty banana standing out - wet and ready for some action. It was so muscular that he could probably bust down a wall just by humping it.

"They don't program female robits just to give us cookies. Ever heard of the Harmony sexbot?"


The Clown jams his wet banana into Kor's tight battery pack, the electricity burning his big white bike horn to a crisp! The clanging metal could be heard across the entire station! But this didn't stop him, he kneeled over to Kor's eyepiece and began to lick it as Kor was screaming over the radio.

"Someone help me! I'm in maintenance! This Clown is raping me! I can't save myself! HELP PLEASE!"

Clown hears this and pulls out a green signaller, and presses the button! Telecomms goes silent after a deafening bang! The Clown turns his attention back to Kor and begins to thrust into the battery pack, each and every thrust becoming sharper and more accurate to the conductors - giving the Clown a satisfying JOLT every single time he went in deep!

The Clown's pace intensifies until he can't take it any more! He blows his load all over Kor's insides - shorting out her power and killing her. The Clown examines the body and makes his retreat out of maintenance.

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