Captain and Renekton By S.F.

Captain and Renekton: A Request of Lust

The Captain had just finished his loud announcement over the radio. He had requested that the crew up their efforts against the vile Red Syndies, who were killing everyone in sight. Exhausted he plopped down into his questionably smelly bed. Its dryer that usual, thought the Captain, I can't even remember the last time I jerked off like a loser, I've been too busy. Luckly for the Captain the assistant slaves, who loved their dear Captain for his great leadership, had something planned for him. They knew how much the Captain loved League of Legends, and that his favorite character was Renekton, so they scrapped together some supplies and wasted all the cargo points on custome crates to make a Renekton cosplay suit. Then they had to decide who would go? Would it be Josh Brindle, Nar-Sie, Steven Fisher, or Jacob Crow? They picked straws and Steven won. Steven got into the suit and practiced his Renekton voice. There, alone in his room, the Captain lay. He heard wires being cut, looking up he saw his door being pryed open, not by a crowbar but by large claws. Then to the Captain's great surprise a lifesize Renekton walked in. Dear Centcom, is this a dream? the Captain wondered as he reached for his laser gun. "Welcome the hav-" Bzzzt! Renekton started but was cut off by the Captain's gun. Renekton fell over and covered his wound. The Captain just stared at the powerful beast, so strong even in pain. "Captain senpai," Renekton muttered, "I only wanted to please you." The Captain realized his mistake, how could he betray his favorite league character? Quickly he holstered his gun and attempted to help Renekton up. Just touching the rough scales of the warm lizard quickened his heart. Not, now, I gotta help... The Captain heaved with all his might to bring the reptile up. "Halfway there Ren- Oooff!" The Captain's strength gave out as he and the creature fell over. The Captain looked up from what he though was the floor to see the swarving, elegant, strong, and sexy tail of Renekton between the round buttocks that could easily crush walnuts. Hot dam- "Captain," Renekton interrupted. "Senpai I feel something stiff in my wound, did you shoot me with a slugger?" Slugger? All I used was my laser gun "Don't worry Renekton I- Oh! Umm" The Captain noticed that his groin felt wet, it was difficult for him to tell as he was harder than plasteel! He also noticed that the "something" Renekton felt was his ugly boner that poked into Renekton's laser burn. The sensual pleasure that tunneled its way into the Captain's primal force had caused his over-compensating dick to break through the Captain's high-quality blue pants. "Senpai Captain, did you find out what's causing the discomfort?" "Yes Renekton I have. It's just my hot wang." "Hot wang Senpai? What do you mean? How hot?" Cooed Renekton. "As hot as my skills on League when I play you." Replied the Captain. "Oh my Senpai! Want to try and play me now?" Asked Renekton. "You bet. But first..." And so Renekton and the Captain played a quick league game. The Captain got 0-5 and Renekton got 12-3. "Wow this team sucks." Said the salty Captain. "And you're salty" winked Renekton. "Can I try sucking away all your 'salt'?" This caught the Captain off guard and his dick exploded with excitement. Renekton saw the noticable wet stain on his pants. "Don't worry Senpai I can clean you off". Renekton's long crooked claws reached around the Captain's waist and unbuckled his decorated belt, which he had won for defeating two whole clowns and Ceti 4! Just as Renekton stooped down to clean the Captain with his long snout and wicked tongue another thing entered the room. "Wa-?" Both the Captain and Renekton gasped as they looked up to see what was blocking the light. ANOTHER RENEKTON! "But there's only one.. Renekton?" The Captain was throughly puzzled, that&#s what he gets for slacking off in Captain school! The Old Renekton stood up and yelled out! "There can be only one!!!!" Jumping towards the new Renekton the old one used "Cull the Weak" ability to quickly heal the still painful burn wound he had gotten from the Captain. But the new Renekton was quicker, and pulled out a toolbox smashing it into the whore of a Renekton! "Renekton nooo!" screamed the Captain. "Senpai, I was a dirty son of a bitch who just wanted sex because I cannot control myself like the little ten year-old I am and have no sense of even attempted to cull my inner desires which are harmfulto myself, other, and society as a whole. Normally I'd ask for forgiveness but today I cannot as I am completely evil." monologued the old Renekton. The new Renekton smashed the skull of the old Renekton ending its life. "But why!?" screamed the Captain again. "Because it is not morally right nor just you hedonist!" And the New Renekton pounced onto the Captain and repeatably slamed his toolbox into the Captain's underdeveloped skull. As the blood steeped into the hell tainted wooden floorboards imported from God knows where onto the station, the New Renekton took his shabby looking cosplay mask off. "JUSTICE!" yelled Steven. Truely, this is the fate of all ERPers.