Space tales #1 By Fiona Ravioli

Tales from the station

> Aurorastation
> Rev + Loyalist
> Be Dionaea Assistant
> Loyalists are implementing anti-female policies
> Join rev because more pussy for me
> Loyalists start borging female crewmembers
> Entire crew starts to get violent
> Security too well equipped and well organized compared to the revs
> Security hunts down rev easily
> Hide in botany until shit cools down
> I hear laserfire nearby
> I am armed with only a butterfly knife
> They know I'm rev because I was outspoken
> Build a coffin and hide in it
> Rev with a .45 runs into botany, gets gunned down by the Head of Security and Captain, and some businessman
> Wish I had a fucking grenade or something to suicide bomb them, instead have nothing
> HoS and Captain finish off the other rev
> Businessman gets curious, walks up to the coffin
> I ready my knife
> He opens the coffin
> I proceed to shank the shit out of the businessman
> Head of Security and captain o