Print Job #617 By Mekhi Waldron

Raduim with green slime mutation, add iron to that. It allows for random golems. So you Inject green slime sample with
raduim, then combine that with iron is what the dude said.
robust dental implant is 1u of oculine and inacusiate, 8u of meth, and 40u of misc healing chems. As well as
fill a cigar full of plasma Light, MICROBOMB. Stuffs instant, remember that time when you got cappy with it? Fun times.
50 nitrogen, 50 sulf acid, 50 fluorosulfuric acid, 50 glycerol, Near maxcap bomb area.
30u Cyanide 20u Chloral Hydrate 15u Lexorin/Formaldehyde 15u Neurotoxin 10u Cryptobilin in a large beaker, use a
syringe on this and shoot it at people! Make a revival grenade: Using a health sensor set to "Detect Critical State"
create a smoke grenade of chemicals such as synthflesh, epinephrine and methamphetamine that'll quickly heal you
and surprise your attacker when your dying corpse suddenly gets up to beat their ass.
actaul good chemsheet, custom made
Teslium is plasma, silver and blackpowder and 500k-test this,(tested, like 1 shock to 5u) causes electrical shocks
Rotatium is Mindbreaker, teslium and neurotoxin at 400k, flips the screen around once.
You can crowbar open toilets and hide objects in them. Also your butt, grab intent with no nothing><br>[.ShellClassInfo]<br>LocalizedResourceName=@%SystemRoot%\system32\shell32.dll,-21769<brIconResource=%SystemRoot%\system32\imageres.dll,-183

Its bluespace 6 materials 5 plasmatech 4 for bluespace beakers, chem dispenser board has plasma tech 5, phazo torso has
plasma tech 5,  and glowshrooms have some too and are higher than phazon(maybe), can't steal, chem dispenser board has to
be made

quickly made explosive grenade: First bottle 30u (can increase), works well. 4-to space tiles mde
15u diethylamine
15u Iodine
2cnd bottle (30u)
15U Phosporus
15U hydrogen

first beaker, 50u
15u foaming agent
10u plasma
10u Chlorine triflouride
10u flourisulfuric acid
5u space lube

Second beaker 50u
15u water
10u phologston (STABALISE!)
10u napalm
10u unstable mutagen
5u Space Lube

30u miners salve 10u phos and 10u potas in one, 30u miners salve and 10u suger in other beaker for healing-ish grenade

BOMB GUIDE-get 2 plasma one o2 can and link them, then once mixed put them in ignition chamber and empty all 3 in.
pump the O2 canister empty and scrub the plasma canister empty (the handheld ones you can breathe out of)
add 160 NORMAL plasma to it. Then, pump out the super heated mix into an empty yellow actual canister.
While that's pumping out go superchill the O2 with the freezer, add 2500KPA pressure to the O2 tank.
More and it will burst, maybe 2300kpa. Then go back with your supercooled O2 tank and attach to Tank transfer valve,
that's done. Unwrench the super heated mixture and let it heat up (wont heat up unless unwrenched for some reason)
Once that wont go up anymore, around 70,000C, fill plasma tanks and attack to tank transfer valve
Vermouth now improves metabolism, so does Grappa
Singulo acts as charcoal, wine slightly refills blood,

telesci note sheet-
VG station armoury map 186, 298, 1 packed station

Iron, Silicon, Uranium, Plasma, Gold, and Silver can all be solidified with 5u pyrosium, 5u cryostylane and 20u of the pertinent chem.

In case you forgot how it works: if you find or buy secret satchels, put an item in them, and then bury them under tiles on the station you or someone else can
find them again in a future round with the item still there! Free satchels can often be found hiding around the station, so get to burying!

Adds garrotes into the game! They are similar to damp rags in functionality, but have a different purpose. It''s MUCH faster to choke someone out with a garrote.
you can find the Garrote Handles in the crafting menu.
'HOW TO USE GARROTES: Step 1. Make sure you are aiming for head. Step 2. Click on target, click on target again to reinforce the grab. Step 3. Reinforce up to
neckgrab if you want choking to start, reinforcing into KILL grab will kill your target much faster!'

People in soft crit will take oxyloss more slowly than people in full crit if they remain still.

Alt+clicking on an airlock will now send a request to the AI to open it. The door must be on camera for this to work.

age examinations now include a "moderate" classification. Before minor was <30 and severe was anything 30 or above. Now minor is <25, moderate is 25 to <50,
and severe is 50+.

Welders must now be screwdrivered open to reveal their fuel tank.
You can empty welders into open containers (like beakers or glasses) when they're screwdrivered open.
You can now insert any chemical into a welder, but all most will do is clog the fuel. Welding fuel will refuel it as usual. Plasma in welders tends to explode.
I was on that round if it's what I think it is. It was coniine grass with the liquid contents trait. Extremely deadly and
required you to carry salbutamol and charcoal or else you'd die.
So basically if you put a seed packet in the DNA extractor in the back of botany, it shows you all the traits of that plant
. Some produce chems (like bananas have potassium production, ambrosia deus has omnizine production, etc), some will have
traits that give them a cool effect. Tomatoes have the liquid contents trait which makes them splash their contents when
thrown. Bananas have the slippery skin trait and so on.
The beauty is you can extract these traits into plant data disks and then use those disks to give other seeds those traits.
So you could make carrots that slip, or tobacco that splashes it's nicotine on people when thrown. Here the botanist added
coniine production (deadly poison) to the grass, and gave it the tomato trait to splash the chems inside the grass when
thrown. Grass is often used
as a base because its production time (called speed in game I think) is low (good) and yields
about 6 grass bunches when harvested (even more with robust harvest).
Now, which OP as fuck plant has coniine production you may ask. Well, none of them actually (edit: death berries do have it, my mistake).
No mutation or plant from your seed vending machine has it. But if you hack the machine, or put coins in it,
you'll see [Strange Seeds] available. These seeds don't grow into anything, so you shouldn't plant them. Their purpose is to give you a fully randomized trait list, which lets them possibly contain every chem in the game (this includes weird shit like plasma man mutation toxin, traitor poisons (like coniine), and even the infamous romerol which turns the entire station into zombies quick enough. This is RNG based, which means some rounds you'll get really deadly things, sometimes just cool healing meds, sometimes weird things like cocktail chems or spray tan, or sometimes garbage.
To ge
t a lot of iron/silver coins to put in the seed vending machine. The nice thing is, once you raise the potency to 100, the seeds produced from
that tray's growns will carry on, meaning you only need to do it once per "dynasty" of plant.
This page will show you the traits available as well as most plants and their mutations.
To get a mutation of a plant, just spam a lot of unstable mutagen on the tray. It'll mutate eventually. To raise the potency of your plant, get 4 bottles of saltpetre from the vending machine and spam them all on the tray. Better potency means more chems produced and better effects for your non-chem producing traits.

50 potency from tower caps, and 10 yield of tobacco

No-nonsense guide to manhandling structural enzymes (SEs).
Pad and pen (optional, highly recommended)
Grab a monkey and figure out which block is the highest - then zap it until it's below 800. MAKE A MEMO OF WHICH BLOCK IT IS.
You can adjust how much the radiation laser will affect genes with intensity. The more intense, the higher the range of mutation will be. Higher is more powerful but more dangerous.
The laser won't always hit the right block in the sequence. You can increase the odds it will by increasing the duration.
In a nutshell: DURATION is accuracy. INTENSITY is power.
When it's a human, save to the buffer saves - all three.
Save 1 will be your clean SE, which you'll use as your ctrl-Z tool.
Save 2 and 3 will be your last known good (LKG) and your work buffers.
Starting at block 1 (or 2 if Block 1 was the monkey disability), zap the first sub-block of the blocks until the total value is above C00.
Once it's over C00, save it to your WORK buffer and creat
e an INJECTOR. Inject yourself with it.
If it's a DISABILITY, you can use the clean SE or mutadone to undo it. On your buffer menu, apply the LKG to the occupant.
If it's a POWER, save it to the LKG buffer and move to block 2.
Repeat until you have 6 powers.
Disabilities manifest above 800. Powers manifest above C00.
There are 19 blocks. 6 are powers, the rest are disabilities.
Comic Sans voice is classified as a disability.
Injectors have a 100% chance to grant whatever disabilities and powers it contains, but are temporary. You will need to use the Occupant (or Occupant - Delayed) button on the scanner's console to make it permanent; this does not have a 100% to grant powers (it's 15% to 25%) but I believe it does have a 100% to grant disabilities.
Both the injectors and the scanner deal radiation damage if you use them on yourself.
This one's a bit extensive, but good if you're bored: Omnizine (Ambrosia Deus) plus holy water (holymelon) and then either inject unstable
mutagen or add the production traits (chlorine/phosphorus/radium). Add Liquid Contents from tomatoes.
That'll result in strange reagent grenades - throw your fruit at a fresh corpse with less than 100 brute/burn damage and it'll get back up.
Very good for messy rounds where Medbay is crowded and docs are incompetent.
Much easier and also great: Extract Earthsblood from Ambrosia Gaia, add water (watermelon), sugar (whitebeets) and hydrogen (grass).
Maybe also Densified Chemicals (redbeets). Amazing healing, and the water/sugar/hydrogen will combine into Mannitol to deal with the resulting brain damage.
In case you suspect a Malf AI: Grow a fruit with Uranium production as well as separated chemicals (glow-bery). Add liquid contents and densified chemicals. Now, grind up some Iron (floor tiles, metal sheets etc work) and inject it into the fruit. You no
w have EMP grenades!
For cults: Similar to EMP nades, just add holy water production (holymelon) plus potassium (banana) for holy water grenades.
Other than that: Honey heals better than Omnizine and has no overdose, except for glycemic shock at 200 sugar. You can craft a lot of
neat things from wood/towercaps too, or use your grown wood/carpet/grass/sand to redecorate the station.
If you're getting REALLY bored, you can also do really weird shit like growing 200 max stat killer tomatoes and give them to shaft miners.
They can release them to kill Megafauna with.

Just played a round where a guy got hypodermic needles on apples and put cyanide or something in them. He then threw the apples at everyone
he met. The poison didn't show any symptoms, you just died a little bit after you got hit by the apple. Seems cool, but don't try unless you're an antagonist or you'll get banned (like he probably did).

Make tomatoes with separated chemicals and the ingredients for smoke, so they will
only explode into smoke when they are thrown at something.
Proceed to mass produce them, then drop packages of them throughout the station for greytiders to pick up. Next thing you know you have a station filled
with smoke and chaos because nobody can keep their hands off of smoke bomb tomatoes.
Then put some bad shit in them after a while and watch the chaos truly unfold, like Earthsblood, which you should have by then.

Virus blood that has on contact, Spontaneous Combustion/Viral Aggressive Metabolism. Any flammable liquid + little bit of lube. Spray target, spray tiles
around target, watch them slip and burn into infinite hell. Add acid to melt their face off for bonus points.

beepsky smash and perfluorodecalin stun and mute the person. If you can get the first spray on the person, you can follow up with more depending on
how long you want the person to be essentially a statue. They can scream, but that's it. It's great cause they'll stand still for a bit, confused, and
then afte
er a bit they start screaming cause they realize it's all they can do.
In a 100u bottle: 80u facid, 19.9u napalm, .1u clf3
Have fun, dude
Alternatively: 80u napalm, 19.8u facid, .1u phlogiston, .1u clf3
They're both much more effective when splashed via beaker, but they both kill surprisingly well in spray bottles.

Mix Neurotoxin, f-acid, Peroflurocardine, clf3 and Napalm.
Squirt a guy twice and unless he has fire protection he will burn to death.
Alternativly mix beepsky smash and spray tan and make everyone black, shave their head too and apply red lipstick to make all the pink haired
weeaboo doctors lose their shit.