How to kill a ling By Peter Murphy

Title:how to kill changelings.

FIRST:Get a flamethrower and a taser,also if you can,a stunbaton and handcuffs

SECOND:Get something to protect your ears,face and also bodie

THIRD:Get your suit sensors to maximum and a group of people to help you,also keep some medicine with you

FOURTH:Aim for their eyes,try to get them blind.

FIVE:Stun them,cuff them,kill them,beahead and dismember every piece of his or hers corpse,then throw i into the crematorium.

OBS:If the ling is uncosncious,that means that his going to try his last effort,using a headslug,his corpse will blow up and a headslug will come out and seek a corpse to infect,after a few minutes the corpse will get up and walk away