Supplying a Witch By Sneeki Breeki

Supplying a Witch

Blatantly copied and pasted from Rigax of unholy land Tumblr.

Martin Thorfall had received a notice at the Adventurer’s Guild of Delario that someone was looking for a very specific ingredient. Only, oddly enough, the person who had sent the notice hadn’t written the ingredient they were looking for down. So instead the only option Martin had left was visiting the one who had posted the notice.

‘Couldn’t they have given me some clearer directions to the client’s place?’ Martin grumbled as he glanced at the crumpled piece of parchment that had a crude map drawn on it. ‘Why would anyone living around here need me to find them ingredients, anyway?’ He asked himself while looking around.

Tall, ancient trees surrounded Martin, their thick branches and green leaves casting the simple earthen path in shadow. Among the trees and bushes Martin spotted  colourful plants that the young adventurer had never seen before along with luminous bugs and insects that crawled between the strange leaves. These woods had to be like an alchemist’s wet dream.

‘Huh…I’m guessing this is the place?’ Martin mused when he spotted what he thought was his client’s home.

Someone had hollowed out one of the largest trees Martin had ever seen and made it their house. Colourful shutters were thrown open to show a pleasant living room through one of the circular windows, from inside Martin heard a roaring fire but it obviously didn’t damage the ancient tree in any way. Curious, Martin approached the door set into tree and gave a polite knock. And when the door opened, Martin’s breath got caught in his throat. He wasn’t sure what he had expected his client to look like, living in the middle of the woods and all. But he c
ertainly hadn’t expected them to look like this!

Standing in front of him was a woman nearly as tall as he was, and Martin was in no way a short man. His client was wearing a black wide brimmed head with a conical crown, the tip of which was bent backwards slightly. Snow white hair spilled out from the hat, but the woman wasn’t old in any way. In fact, it was difficult to tell just how old she actually was. This was because her face had an odd ageless quality to it but, to put it simply, she was gorgeous. Her eyes were almond shaped and were an odd, but beautiful, purple colour and she was blessed with high cheekbones and full, lush lips.

‘Can I help you?’ The woman suddenly asked, and Martin realized he had been staring.

‘I’ve come regarding a notice sent to me?’ Martin answered.

‘Oh, of course! You must be here to supply me with the ingredient I requested.’ She replied with a predatory smile that showed off perfectly straight white teeth.

‘Yes, I’m just wondering what the ingredient you need actually is?’ Martin asked curiously.

‘I’ll tell you once we are inside. So please, come on in.’ The woman offered, stepping aside to free the doorway.

A small part of Martin wondered if he really should set foot into this strange woman’s home, but that small nagging part was quickly silenced as he looked her over. All she was wearing was a set of loose fitting thin purple robes kept closed by only a simple silver clasp that was shaped like a pentacle. But loose or not, the robes still managed to outline the curves of a pair of huge, shapely breasts and broad hips. As a result lust quickly overwrote reason and Martin accepted the invitation, quickly stepping inside.

Martin thought he had just stepped into a cottage instead of a hollowed out tree. The wooden floor was smooth and covered in big, colourful rugs. The first thing Martin noticed was a large black cauldron which was bubbling above a roaring fire in the fireplace, although Martin had no idea where the smoke was going. Next his attention was drawn to the large living room he had already seen from outside. It had comfortable looking furniture which consisted of several chairs and a low table, there was also a counter which separated the living room from the home’s small, pleasant kitchenette.

However, when Martin felt the soft, pleasant form of the strange woman brushing against him, all of Martin’s focus was drawn away from her strange home and back to her. All Martin could think of at the moment was how she smelt pleasantly of lavender when he was within her presence.

‘Please, take a seat young man,’ she mused as she grabbed one of Martin’s muscular arms and led him towards one of the living room’s comfortable chairs. ‘Now, please wait here while I make us some tea.’

Martin, too stunned to protest after he had felt the woman’s soft chest against his arm, simply did as was asked of him and plopped down on the chair he had been led to. After sitting there for a few minutes in stunned silence the woman returned carrying a tray on which were two fine porcelain cups filled with tea. She handed one to Martin and took the other herself, before sitting across from the adventurer.

‘Now, I should probably introduce myself,’ the woman chuckled as she took a sip of her tea. ‘My name is Minerva Elvares, since I made this forest my own I’ve made many advances in alchemy. But there is a certain ingredient I need that I can’t get here, which is why I requested the aid of someone from the Adventurer’s Guild.’

‘Well, I’m glad to be of assistance Miss Elvares,’ Martin replied after taking a sip of his own tea. ‘But you still haven’t told me exactly what it is you need.’ He added, breathing a little heavier as the tea warmed his body.

‘Just enjoy your tea for now, young man. We can discuss business once we’ve both finished our drinks.’ Minerva replied with a devious little smile.

Martin didn’t know what Minerva’s smile was all about, but once again his lust was overwriting his reason. In fact, it felt like it had been growing worse ever since he had started on his tea. His body had grown so hot that he had the urge to take his armour off, while his member had grown erect. He only hoped that Minerva hadn’t spotted the bulge that had formed in his trousers.

However, Minerva was peeking over the rim of her cup as she took another drink of her tea. And it was pretty clear where her gaze was drawn to. Martin was squirming in his seat, but didn’t succeed in hiding his erection. But even though he didn’t succeed, Minerva simply pretended not to notice. Instead she collected her own cup and Martin’s once they finished their tea and went to the kitchen, and returned a moment later with a glass jar.

‘What is that for?’ Martin asked in an attempt to keep his mind off of his growing arousal.

‘A container for the ingredient you will be giving me, of course.’ Minerva replied with an impish glimmer in her eyes.

‘Yes, but what is the ingre-’ before Martin could finish his question, Minerva dropped to her haunches in front of him and began to unbutton his trousers.

Minerva didn’t have to wrestle with Martin’s trousers for long before his erection sprang out into the open, nearly slapping Minerva in the face in the process. Her eyes lit up at the sight of it, she especially seemed interested in the silvery strands that flowed from the young adventurer’s distended cumslit. She placed the empty jar on the floor just underneath Martin’s hard prick, catching a few strands of precum in the process.

‘That’s just the ingredient I need…’ Minerva purred as she slowly and gently began to stroke the adventurer’s cock.

Martin groaned and tightly grabbed the armrests of his chair as Minerva’s slender, but strong, fingers gently moved from his purple, swollen cockhead all the way to the base. The motion resulted in more strings of precum to flow from his cumslit and land in the glass jar on the floor below his erect member. However, it was clear from the expression on Minerva’s face that things weren’t progressing as quickly as she wanted.

‘Perhaps this will speed things up?’ Minerva mused to herself while removing the silver clasp that kept her robes closed.

As the fine silk robes slipped off of her body, Martin’s groans turned darker. Minerva hadn’t been wearing anything underneath, leaving her nude form on display for the young adventurer. Beautiful pale orbs, each one nearly as large as Martin’s head, curved out from Minerva’s chest. They looked soft, and heavy, yet barely sagged and were capped with lovely pink nipples that stood erect, despite the warmth of the roaring fire within the fireplace.

‘Now that is much better…’ Minerva purred as the flow of Martin’s precum increased.

The pearly precum spilled over her fingers, coating the slender digits in the clear goo while more of it dropped into the glass jar. Yet, the container was barely being filled up. Fortunately, Minerva knew that showing her chest to the young man had been the right thing to do. His erection throbbed powerfully against her precum-slick fingers, and Martin was watching her softly shaking boobs with great intent while he set his jaw.

‘Miss Elvares, I’m-’ Martin started.

Not giving Martin a chance to finish his sentence Minerva suddenly quickened the pace of her hands, jerking the young adventurer off faster and faster while her large tits jiggled because of her furious motions. Martin was holding on to the armrests of his chair so tightly that his knuckles had turned white, while he had his eyes clenched shut. It was obvious what was going to happen next…

From her current position Minerva could see the young adventurer’s balls starting to clench, and she was quick to angle Martin’s shaft down towards the glass jar. And not a moment too late! Several thick, long jets of white, creamy cum blasted from Martin’s cumslit. However, as impressive as it was, Martin was only human and his cumshot barely filled the glass container at all. But whatever Minerva had put in his tea kept him as hard as a rock, so before he knew it the white haired beauty, currently only wearing that strange hat of hers, started to jerk him off again.

‘Hmm…at this rate, we’ll be here forever,’ Minerva muttered after a few moments, once she managed to coax more semen from Martin’s balls. ‘Wait here and don’t move, I might have something that might help.’

Even if Martin wanted to, he didn’t think he could move. He was extremely aroused and currently had an erection that was almost painful, while the powerful orgasms in quick succession had managed to tire him out. Even if he had been capable of getting up out of his chair and making his way to the door, it wouldn’t have mattered. Seeing as Minerva returned almost immediately, carrying a clay cup with a bubbling yellow liquid.

‘This was supposed to be for some duke to help with his virility, but I’m sure he won’t miss one cup.’ Minerva chuckled, as she brought the cup to Martin’s lips.

The strange potion was hot, threatening to burn Martin’s mouth, and the taste was just…indescribably foul. But Minerva managed to force it all down the adventurer’s throat, before she set the, now empty, clay cup aside and dropped to her haunches in front of Martin again.

‘By the Gods, what was that!?’ Martin croaked, spitting in disgust.

‘Just something that will speed up this little ingredient gathering quest, don’t you worry about it.’ Minerva replied in a pleasant, sing-song voice as she eyed the adventurer’s testicles.

Martin was about to ask for clarification, but found that he didn’t have the air in his lungs to ask the question. The cause was a sudden heavy pressure he felt in his sack. All he saw as he tried to gasp for breath was how Minerva’s full lips slowly spread into a very pleased smile.

The reason for this pleased smile was because Minerva had an excellent view of Martin’s testicles. To be more specific, the way in which they were slowly expanding. When the orbs finally stopped growing they were the size of a pair of lemons, and Martin’s sack was stretched taut around them. And somehow, impossibly, even more precum was dripping from Martin’s cumslit.

‘Perhaps I made it a bit too strong?’ Minerva said, more to herself than to Martin as she watched the thick, clear goo mix with Martin’s creamy cum in the glass jar.

‘You think?’ Martin growled, feeling as if he hadn’t orgasmed in weeks despite the fact that he had climaxed multiple times thanks to Minerva only a few moments earlier.

‘Don’t worry, I’ll make it all better.’ Minerva promised with a devious little smile as she cupped her large breasts.

‘How?’ Martin growled while pretending not to notice the appealing fashion in which the soft, pale orbs threatened to spill from Minerva’s grip.

Instead of answering verbally, Minerva simply wrapped those huge jugs of hers around Martin’s shaft. Cooing softly as his hot cock throbbed powerfully in her cleavage, while hot, slimy precum spilled over the soft, pale globes. For several seconds, Minerva simply sat there and refused to move. Once her tits were gleaming with Martin’s pearly precum, however, she pushed them tightly around the adventurer’s throbbing dick and started to slide them up and down along his shaft.

The young adventurer’s precum first started to pool together in Minerva’s cavernous cleavage, before it overflowed. As a result, her pale globes were coated with even more of the silvery goop, while strings of it hung from her erect pink nipples or slid down her stomach. Martin eagerly pushed his hips up as best as he could from his current position, doing his best to fuck Minerva’s huge tits. Minerva in turn was only too happy to help him, tightening her grip on her slippery breasts while she tried to move them up and down along Martin’s shaft in tandem with his thrusts.

Due to a combination of whatever had been in Martin’s tea, the new potion he had drank and the amazing feeling of Minerva’s pillowy tits around his prick Martin was quickly brought to the edge of orgasm. Unfortunately for Minerva, however, Martin didn’t bother to warn her about this. Instead, he roughly pushed his hips up one final time, which made his cockhead peek out of Minerva’s cleavage, and released a deep, dark grunt of pleasure.

Minerva’s purple eyes widened, before her vision was obscured by powerful blasts of viscous, gooey strands of semen. So strong was the first volley of Martin’s orgasm that the conical hat Minerva had been wearing was shot off of her head. The rest of Martin’s sticky load ended up spilling over her neck and coated her tits, spilling down the huge globes in such a way that it looked as if she was wearing a top made from a strange white material.

‘Now that is what I needed!’ Minerva giggled, semen running down her face, while she proudly shook her cum covered tits for Martin’s benefit.

‘So, is this all you needed?’ Martin asked, trying to catch his breath.

‘Let me see…’ Minerva mused as she allowed Martin’s dick to slip out from between his breasts.

After the young adventurer’s member escaped her cleavage Minerva started to move her hands up and down her huge jugs in a vague milking motion, causing all the jizz that was clinging to her skin to slip down and land in the glass jar that was still sitting on the floor in front of her. Most of it ended up splattering on the floorboards, but what did land in the jar nearly managed to fill the container.

‘Hmm…almost.’ Minerva purred, while she worked what little cum remained on her tits into her skin.

‘So…we’ll just have to do this one last time, right?’ Martin asked, still breathing heavily and trying not to sound too eager. Despite his large orgasm he still felt incredibly aroused, and his balls were still uncomfortably full.

‘Yes, I just need to get one more thing.’ Minerva giggled as she rose to her feet and walked away once more.

‘No! No more strange drinks!’ Martin yelled after her, but the white-haired beauty had already disappeared. Leaving only a small trail of cum behind on the wooden floor.

When she returned, any semen that had still been clinging to her face or body had disappeared. Of course, she was also carrying a small vial with a bright red liquid. Martin attempted to close his mouth and not let Minerva slip that vial between his lips, but he was too late. The white-haired woman was on him faster than he thought possible and forced the opening of the vial into his mouth. A moment later a sickeningly sweet taste touched his tongue, and Martin swallowed the mouthful of strange red liquid reflexively.

‘Damn it, what is it now?!’ Martin growled in annoyance as he wiped his mouth clean
with the back of his hand.

Instead of answering, Minerva simply dropped to her haunches in front of Martin again to get a good look at the effect her potion had on him. Above her, Martin gasped when he felt a strange pressure on his crotch. It was as if he was wearing a pair of trousers that were too tight for him. The only problem was that his trousers had been around his ankles for quite a while now.

‘W-what is going on?’ Martin gasped as he pushed his hips up and arched his back as the pressure he felt only grew stronger.

Minerva didn’t reply, of course. She watched with wide eyes as inch after inch of flesh pushed forth from Martin’s crotch, adding to the length and girth of the young adventurer’s cock. At first, he himself didn’t notice this as he stared up at the ceiling or had his eyes closed in discomfort. However, as soon as the strange pressure disappeared Martin sat down in his seat again and, with a sigh of relief, looked down at his member.

‘What in the hells is this?!’ Martin yelled in confusion, grabbing his monstrous, heavy shaft with both hands.

‘That would be your penis,’ Minerva answered matter-of-factly, before adding: ‘I thought that was obvious.’ With an impish grin.

‘You have got to be joking! Any woman that sees this would be far too terrified to sleep with me!’ Martin replied, still yelling, while waving his currently massive sized cock in the white haired woman’s face.

‘Really? It doesn’t frighten me’ Minerva purred as she got to her feet, spreading her plump, darkened labia so that the adventurer got a good look at the soaked state of her pink pussy.

‘Uh what?’ Martin muttered, momentarily forgetting what he was angry about after seeing Minerva naked in front of him, while seemingly offering him her pussy.

‘Let me show you.’ The white haired beauty giggled as she crawled into Martin’s lap.

The young adventurer groaned when he felt Minerva’s soft, pleasant weight upon him. She scooted backwards slightly, resulting in Martin getting a face full of her white hair. Without being prompted to, he grabbed her chest to hold her steady and the tips of his fingers threatened to disappear into those huge, soft pale globes of hers. The combination of the pleasant lavender scent that came from Minerva’s hair, and the softness of her breasts caused a bolt of precum to leave Martin’s cumslit with quite a bit of force, coating the counter that separated the living room from the kitchen with a clear, sticky goo.

Minerva only replied with another giggle as she reached down and grabbed the young man’s massive erection with both hands. She strained to pull the heavy slab of cockmeat upwards, but eventually succeeded. So when the fat, precum-drooling purple cockhead was pointed at the ceiling, Minerva moved herself forwards a bit. Making it so that her aroused muff brushed against the tip of Martin’s new monstercock.

‘Oooh…’ Minerva sighed. ‘Why are my concoctions always so powerful?’ She lamented, while she continued to grind her wet pussy against the hot, fleshy pole.

‘A little too late to wonder about that now, isn’t it?’ Martin suddenly growled into her ear, while squeezing her breasts.

Minerva gave a surprised little yelp, but her plush lips stretched into a smile as she started to push Martin’s thick, hard length into her cunt. A grunt of effort, followed by a pleased sigh, left her mouth as Martin’s monstercock stretched her pussy wide as inch, after inch disappeared into her pink, wet depths. Minerva seemed to take it all without issue, only cooing softly as she watched as her stomach was pushed upwards to show the outline of the young adventurer’s huge, meaty member.

‘F-fuck!’ Minerva heard Martin growling in her ear, while thick, slimy globs of his hot precum coated her twitching folds.

‘And you thought all women would be terrified of this beast…’ Minerva cooed as she started to stroke her stomach now that she had her hands free. ‘Frankly, I think it’s marvelous. And I’m sure I’m not the only one…’

‘Fuck!’ Martin cursed again while the white haired beauty sitting in his lap sank down further and further on his shaft.

This time Minerva only reacted by moving one of his hands down between Martin’s legs to give one of his huge balls a loving squeeze. Thus forcing him to shoot a large outpouring of clear precum into her cockstuffed snatch. This action only made Martin moan and squirm in his chair as the last few inches of his monstrous length disappeared up Minerva’s pink, twitching cunt.

‘All gone!’ Minerva tittered while stroking her bulging stomach again.

As a reply Martin released Minerva’s breasts and instead grabbed her waist before suddenly rising to his feet. Minerva yelped in response and made sure to lean backwards, against the young adventurer’s powerful chest. When she thought Martin was squirming in his seat, he had actually been trying to get the trousers that had been bunched up around his ankles off. Obviously, he had been successful and was currently making his way over to the wooden counter that separated the living room from the kitchen while trying not to knock over the glass jar filled with his semen, or step on the clay cup or glass vial from which he had drank Minerva’s concoctions.

Once he got close enough to the wooden counter he surprised Minerva by lifting her up off of his monstercock, causing the white haired woman to yelp in both surprise and disappointment. Strings of Minerva’s own clear juices and Martin’s precum briefly hung suspended between the young adventurer’s massive member and her stretched pussy, before they snapped when
Martin laid Minerva out on the top of the counter.

‘And here I thought you were just going to let me have all the fun.’ Minerva teased as she turned over to lie on her back.

Martin only replied with a grunt as he grabbed his huge length with both hands and directed it towards Minerva’s crotch. Minerva, of course, was quick to spread her long legs wide in invitation as the monstercock got closer to her dripping quim. As soon the hot, pre-leaking crown of Martin’s massive dick touched the entrance to her snatch Minerva gave a moan. A moan which quickly turned into a surprised scream when Martin suddenly started to push his hips forwards very quickly.

‘Gods, not so fast!’ Minerva hissed. ‘I might be able to take that monster of yours, but I’m still human!’

But Martin barely seemed to listen. He simply grabbed hold of Minerva’s broad hips and continued to push forwards, quickly filling the white haired beauty’s muff with his monstercock again. This time, Minerva could only gasp in response and grabbed onto the edge of the wooden counter she was laying on so that she would not slip off. And it was a good thing that she did, because Martin’s pace only got rougher and faster.

In the next few moments Martin was pumping his hips back and forth at such a quick pace that whatever had been on the counter before was currently on the floor. For Minerva this meant that most of her body was sliding backwards and forwards on top of it, while her huge breasts were shaking wildly. Unfortunately, she couldn’t exactly stop that from happening since she was holding onto the edge of the counter with both hands.

Luckily for Minerva, however, Martin had noticed her shaking breasts as well. And as soon as he spotted them, he began to fuck the white haired beauty with shorter, but still quite rapid, thrusts. Of course, the only reason he did this was so that he could lower his head and wrap his lips around one of Minerva’s stiff, pink nipples. Although this meant that one of Minerva’s breasts would be smacking against the side of Martin’s face, he didn’t really seem to care.

Martin continued to fuck Minerva like this for quite a while, only slowing down the pace of his thrusts whenever he wanted to suck on the white haired woman’s other nipple. But then, suddenly, he raised his head with a grunt and released Minerva’s hips. Instead, he laid both hands on her tits while his face contorted into a grimace of concentration as he seemed to focus on something. Minerva only smiled as she knew what was about to come, and wrapped her long, shapely legs around the young adventurer’s legs just when he attempted to pull his monstrous member out of her twitching pussy.

‘Don’t worry, let it all out.’ Minerva whispered softly.

The small voice in the back of Martin’s head that told him to pull out was abruptly silenced when Minerva spoke up. Instead the young man started to move his hips again. He slammed his hips forwards once…twice…three times, before releasing a roar of pleasure. However, his scream was quickly silenced by an orgasmic squeal of Minerva as a large amount of the adventurer’s semen flooded her womb and pushed her already bulging stomach out even more.

Before Martin knew it, his seed squirted out of the white haired woman’s pussy, escaping even past the seal of his fat monstercock and making a mess of the floor. When his orgasm finally came to an end it looked as if Minerva was just about ready to give birth, while a large puddle of his sticky, gooey cum had formed on the floor underneath him and more was still running from her stretched pussy and past his monstercock.

Minerva, who had been lying on the counter with a dopey smile on her face as Martin’s hot semen coated her pink folds seemed to have immediately come down from her own orgasm when she realized that Martin’s was over. Her legs quickly released Martin, and the young man wasted no time in stumbling backwards and sitting down on the low table a few feet behind him.

A small waterfall of spunk immediately started to pour from the white haired beauty’s cunt after Martin’s monstrous dick was extracted from it with an obscene, wet sucking sound. But she didn’t seem to care about the mess she was making, or the one that she and Martin had already made. Instead, she waddled over to the glass jar she had left near the chair Martin had sat in and squatted over it.

‘Something tells me this will definitely be enough.’ Minerva groaned, while giving Martin an impish grin.

Then, she suddenly pushed down on her stomach with both hands forcing most, if not all, the cum that Martin had packed into her pussy out of it. Hot, sticky jizz landed loudly on the floor below Minerva and ran down the insides of her legs. But what little did end up in the jar was enough to fill it. Actually, it was enough to make it overflow. Not that Minerva seemed to care, she simply eyed the jar of white goo happily.

‘So, uh, now that my job is done,’ Martin began after a long, awkward silence. ‘Can I get paid?’

‘What are you talking about?’ Minerva asked as she carried the jar of jizz away somewhere. ‘You already got your reward.’ She said, gesturing at Martin’s grown cock and balls.

‘So this is permanent!?’ Martin replied in shock. ‘But, I never wanted this!’ He replied, grabbing his shaft.

‘Well, if you want me to reverse it you’ll have pay me for a cure and the two concoctions you already drank. Which will be about six hundred silver pieces, and that is if I were to deduct your original monetary reward from the price.’ Minerva replied with a smirk when she came back.

‘What, I can’t afford that!’ Martin yelped.

‘Then I’m afraid you’re stuck like this!’ Minerva replied with an evil glimmer in her eyes, before glancing down at the young adventurer’s shaft. ‘Anyway, it looks like that aphrodisiac I put in your tea still hasn’t worn off. So what do you say to staying a little longer? It does get quite lonely out here in the woods…’

‘Sure, I might as well. The Gods know that no women back in Delario would be able to take care of this.’ He muttered, clearly still unhappy about the deal, while he gestured at his erection.

‘Excellent! Let me just clean everything up and then we can head to my bedroom.’ With that said, Minerva made a series of strange gestures in the air with her fingers and moments later small, dark clouds suddenly poured out of the windows and filled the living room before rain started to pour from them. Brooms and mops came from somewhere else within the house and started to scrub the floor, while the empty clay cup and glass vial on the floor floated towards the kitchen.

‘…just what have I gotten myself involved in?’ Martin asked himself, while following Minerva to her bedroom. Ignoring how his trousers and Minerva’s conical hat floated out of the window to hang themselves on a pair of low hanging branches to dry off in the sun…