Dr. Storm is Dead By RESIST

Interview from former employer, Dr. InsaneStorm. By Officals who wish to remain unknown.

Offical: We're going to skip introductions and get straight to the point, Doctor.
Dr. InsaneStorm: If only everyone else I worked with was straight to the fucking point, Go on.
Offical: During your time on the now long destroyed NoX Stati-
Dr. InsaneStorm: I know what you're going to say next, No I didn't do squat on that Project and I refuse to give you anymore information that I have already fucking told you. You're wasting your time.
The sound of a gun is fired and Dr. InsaneStorm slums dead in his chair.
Offical: Take this degenerate to the cremator, Wipe all records of his pathetic life.
The Death of the Sole Survivor of NoX Station 13