Strawberries Pt.2 By Coco Litterlicker

e to know"

It was a dream come true. I didn't even have to say anything and we were already under my desk, showing our affection for each other. And like he said, his crotch did smell like strawberries.

"Mmm, strawberries, my favorite. Mind if I have a taste?" I inquired.
"Of course, my fruits are always accessable to you, sir." he responded
"Then I think I'll dig in here, right now."

He sit under my desk in the musky smell of wood and sweat only turning me on more. I pleasured him, making his cock grow bigger and bigger, until it was so tight it could barely hold anymore.

"Oh, I think I'm gonna cum, captain, uhhhghh" he moaned

I did not respond because my mouth was full.
His cum blew all over my mouth like a fire hose, and tasted thick and sweet like strawberries. And damn if it didn't remind me of my time on earth.
But this time, it was a sweet nostalgia, and I'm so glad things have turned out this way.