Lisa Green Orgy By Anonymous

During one fun shift, lisa green decided to validhunt. she killed five people and the station became lifeless without them. traitorkun finally had enough. he pulled his ebow out and shot lisa green, and dissected her with his esword. when she finally died, traitorkun decided it wasnt enough. he ripped her clothes off and brought her body above the bridge. calling everyone over, he took off his clothes and revealed his 10 inch pecker. it shined brightly like excalibur and everyone cheered seeing where this was going. he grabbed lisa greens lifeless corpse and screamed "THIS IS FOR ALL THE FUN YOU KILLED!!" and shoved his dick straight into her womb. he smashed her cunt over and over with cum splashing all over both of them. it even began to pool around them, and in seconds he was splashing in his own semen. greytidesama saw all the cum and jumped in too, shoving his infinite dick down lisa green's mouth. he was too quick though and his penis broke all of her teeth out, but this didnt stop him and he kept going, blood and semen overflowing her mouth. mucus drained out her nose and mixed with the blood and semen, and the hos ran in like a dog to lick it all up. the watching crew members became aroused and jumped in where they could. the hop was quicker and got his penis inside lisa greens asshole. her shit was exploding out as he stuck it in, but the warmth only made him harder. the crew started to stick their dicks in each other and jerking themselves off to the sight, trying to get some action. traitorkun was nearing his climax but didnt want to stop here, so he thrusted himself further and further until his dick split open from lisa green's stomach. he finally released his cum and it shot out of her open wounds and flew all over greytidesama's face. this caused him in turn to cum down lisa greens throat, and it went all the way down into her asshole and covered the hop's dick with his semen. he cummed too and it came back all over greytidesama and traitorkun . in a matter of seconds everyone starting cumming and getting it all over each other. lisa green's entire body was split in half by the sheer weight in semen and it mixed with her blood and loose organs. the hos was slurping it all up and the rest of security joined him too, jerking each other off in turn and cumming in the pool of blood just to lick it back up again. traitorkun said "my work here is done" and everyone loved him for making the round fun again.