Brolys da best By Broly

Long time ago, in a forgotten planet called Vegeta, two childs born at the same time and the same day. One of them it was Bardock's son, his name was Kakarot, he wasn't a warrior with so much strength, he would have to suffer the faith of go to another planet; while the other child called Broly had a powerful strength, even being a baby, his level power were the superior of the entire babies there.

The King Vegeta came to the Hospital with the father of Broly, Paragus, his intentions was to become his son in powerful warrior and an ally to his majesty. The king was looking at the sleepy Broly, he looked so calm and weak that anyone could ever thought about that he had a powerful power through his veins. "So this is your child…" The words of Vegeta were calm as his appearance, but Paragus wasn't like that, thinking about the power that his son had even scared him… "Yes majesty, Broly, my son, has an unbelievable power it's not for hurt your feelings, but even he is more powerful than your son" The king ignoTons of dick