Plasma Safety By Angry Atmos Tech

"Only you can prevent Plasma fires!" - Smokey the Space-Bear

This is a message for all of you who are both having trouble with fire because you're all fucking idiots who don't know how to rollYou don't know how to do general shit that will keep you alive, as well as those who are too fucking stupid to NOT throw a lit match/have a giant grief-boner to not care into a large pocket of plasma gas. unsure of what to do when plasma gas fills the station!

Lets quickly start with a scenario. You've just come aboard the station, and there's fire everywhere, and people on fire everywhere, all dead, and you happen to step on one corpse. Now you're on fire.
You're fucked, you say to yourself, behind the monitor. Yes, you, the big, blubbery kid who is shoving his face with potato chips (probably) while playing these nerdy little games and watching your weird Japanese cartoons (definitely).
But enough about that! I'm here to teach you that you're not, actually truly boned upon becoming a large ball of fire! There is indeed a way to escape and remove the burning smell of your flesh, and inside bits!

When you're on fire, hit the resist button.

That's it. That's honestly all there is to it. If you're not standing in fire/on a corpse that's on fire you should roll and from there put yourself out. And that's honestly there all that's needed. Just, don't try to step on any more burning corpses.

Now then, lets go back, to the past, before you arrived, as somebody else...

You are the janitor, minding you're own business on a perfectly normal day in Space Station 13 when all of a sudden you see a large pocket of plasma gas in the hallway!
it slowly starts filling up the hallway and soon the rest of the station, and you've identified that it's coming from a vent pump! You've got a right mind to try and weld the vent...But then you'd be ignited, and you'd ignite the plasma right? So whats your next best idea? You think that burning away the plasma is a good idea. right?
Here's the thing, its not.

By setting that plasma on fire, not only are you risking your own life to get rid of some perfectly fine, somewhat breathable gas like plasma, but you're also putting the lives of others in risk too. Lets face it, buddy ol' pal, the other residents here are mindless sheep.