The Legend of Silent John By Anonymous

One day, there was a lone station out in spess. This station in spess was the breeding grounds of psychopathic killers who hid from their comrades and other civilians. But on this station there was a mime, a lone mime by the name of Silent John. Silent John did not talk, for he was a mime, but he was a man of many words. One day, these psychopathic killers aboard the station accidentally let aliens into the station, and a massacre started on both sides. Among this, several psychopaths started a revolt against the station's heads. Things were exploding, people were dying, and everything was just general shit. But then Silent John came forward, and with his darts he took down the aliens, and then the revs, and finally the psychopaths themselves. Those that were left praised Silent John for his heroic work, and gave him goods. That is until the last psychopath came from the darkness, and felled Silent John with an ebow. Dragging his body through the maintanence halls, the psychopath laughed with glee. For he no