Lovenado Chronicles 6 THE FINALE By Larry The Liver

Chapter 6: Melia Gear Rising: Reveangeance

Melia had Shulk in her hands.

There were only a few seconds to do something. So, while the great sex master D-Ban was using his swag to create a baby with Palutena in an alternate world named sex master junior, Lao, Melia took off running.

"M-Melia?! What are you doing?!" Shulk exclaimed, mere seconds before her gloved finger tightened around his mouth. Melia ran out into the hallway and jumped out the window of the Smash Castle in Space. Any ordinary person would have died immediately because physics is actually a thing, but Melia had already called her secret weapon.

"Dobermech, assemble!" She shouted.Suddenly, hundreds of trillions of interdimensional dobercorgies winked into existence. They perfectly melded together to form a giant dobercorgie! The interior had perfect gravity, atmosphere, and fluffiness because that many freaking dobercorgies defies reality with sheer willpower. Melia let go of Shulk and he turned to normal size. Dobercorgis poured out of the wall and locked their paws around his limbs, trapping him.

"Shulk! Before you say anything, I need to confess!" She cried from the bottom of her heart. Shulk, taken aback by this, could not respond.

"I like your ass!" Melia blurted out. She couldn't stop herself. "It's so nice and firm and round and I really would like to poke it!"

Shulk was stunned. He never knew... he never knew she wanted to poke his ass so badly.

The Monado was on full alert."Poke his ass?! The only thing entering that is my blade!" The Monadong shouted.

Suddenly, a pile of dobercorgies were pushed away from the wall as a cardboard box flew through the air and hit Melia in a face. Little did Melia know, the Smash veterans that weren't allowed into Smash 4 were freely floating in the space outside the Smash Castle! And her Dobermech looked just like a...

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMETAL GEAR!" Snake screamed as leapt into the Dobermech and grappled Melia. She tried to blast him off with magic, but he kind of had her by the throat, so it wasn't really working. Outside the Dobermech, Pokemon Trainer, Ice Climbers, Wolf and Pichu were hacking away dobercorgi pile. Roy wasn't there because he was technically in smash.

Shulk used his brutish nerd strength and broke free of the fluffy little dogs that overpowered him.Meanwhile, at the Smash Castle!

Hades had assembled the cast of Smash 4 to save Shekle from Melia!


A myriad of metallic pieces and parts moved around, forming a gigantic bone! For, uhh, dogs.


"B-But the fight just starte—"

Shulk heard the words. The words that foretold the end. Even as Melia was being choked out by Snake and dobercorgies were being helplessly slaughtered, he heard them.

"YOU CAN'T HAVE A REYNBOW WITHOUT REYN, BABY!"Flying towards them at Mach 35, was Reyn with a reynbow flowing out of his butt. He was like a bootiful nyan cat that looked like Reyn. A Renyan cat.

Reyn burst through the Dobermech's defenses, grabbed Shulk's Monado, and then jammed it where the sun didn't shine. And then he mashed X for Buster. He mashed X so hard that the universe began to shift slightly. X permeated the universe, binded people together by their butts.

And that's how Xenoblade X was created.