Lovenado chronicles 4 By Larry the liver

Chapter 4: Obligatory Christmas Chapter

"Merry Christmas, Shulky-Shulk!" Hades said as he pushed forward the present. Shulk honestly had no idea how he had arrived here. The last thing he remembered was Sheike kidnapping him and locking him in a sex dungeon while the other girls of Smash Bros had tried to break him out and keep him for their own.

Now, he was in a regular living room, staring at a regular tree, with a regular Hades. In front of him was a humongous present.

"O-Okay," Shulk said as he reached for the ribbon on top of the huge box.

All of a sudden, the box exploded open and inside was...

Mumkhar, wearing a bow and Santa Hat.

"Merry Christmas, Dunbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!"

Shulk woke up from the fever dream to see he was in a hospital, a present on the table next to him. They must have rescued him from Shiekle.

Sighing in relief, he looked at the small box next to him. The tag read "From your Secret Santa."

"From your Secret Santa."

Gulping down his fear, Shulk opened the box to find a small bottle that read, "Specialized God-Slaying Weapon Lube." His eyes wide, Shulk whipped his head around to see his Monado next to him in bed, as if it was waiting for something special.

Then the door opened and Alvis and Reyn walked in, followed by the female version of Robin.

"Alright, Reyn, you grab his arms. Alvis, you grab his legs. I've got the Monado!" Robin exclaimed. And, like a pack of ravenous, sexy wolves, they descended. Held down, Shulk could only watch as the Monado was lubed up, ready for a painful, tactical insertion.

"I OBJECT TO THIS MADNESS!"Suddenly, a corner of the room exploded and Hades floated in from the outside, dressed as Santa. There was a giant bag on his shoulder. He pulled from the bag a Chibi version of himself. He dropped it on the ground and it launched itself at Reyn, shouting, "For Shulky-Shulk!"

He then dumped the entire bag and hundreds of Chibi Hades began pouring out, swarming the three villains that dared to attempt to violate Shulk's anal cavity.

What started as an almost raping turned into complete war as Hades grabbed Shulk and jumped out of the building, leaving the villains to fight against an army ofhimself.

As they flew through the sky, a sleigh with eight flying reindeer appeared in the distance. Sensing that they would collide, Hades punched one of the reindeer once they got close, sending the sleigh and fat man driving it straight to the ground.

Once they landed far away, Hades smiled.

"Shulk-Shulk, I brought some mistleto—"

"I OBJECT TO THIS SHIP!"And then Fiora, Vanea, Palutena, Samus, Wii Fit Trainer, Rosalina, and Riki appeared through a dimensional rift!

"ROLLY POLLY KEEP ON ROLLING!" Riki shouted as he led the horny women into battle against the God of the Underworld.

The battle was brutal, sexy, and brutally sexy.

While they were engaged in it, Shulk began to sneak away. Once he'd gotten far enough, he turns to the viewer, yes YOU, removes a bell from his pocket and shouts to you as he jingles it, "MERRY CHRISTMAS! I'M REALLY JINGLING IT!"