Lovenado Chronicles 3 By Larry the Liver

The Chapter the Writer Forgot

"What... what the heck was that?"

Robin awoke with a frown on her face. She'd been having a very strange series of dreams about Shulk. Not only was it weird that it was Shulk of all people, the man who loved machines more than sex, but there were so many other people in it. And there was no way she could possibly have even met all the people that appeared in i—

"Helloooooo~, Robbie," a deep, masuline voice said.

Trembling in fear, Robin turned her head.

Hades was lying there, his chest exposed as he smoked a cigar.

"You really tipped the scales, didn't you?""AAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" Robin screamed as she awoke a second time.

"...Why... Why are you screaming so loud? Keep it... down..." Shulk muttered beside her as he snuggled his Monado.

Robin sighed in relief. It was all a dream. Then she turned her head the other direction. Outside the window of the Smash Manor was the Mechonis and Bionis, the latter seemingly covered in an infinite amount of sandwiches. The memories started to come back to her...

She'd been fighting with her male self for Shulk's affection against Hades, Fiora and the Monado. However, she'd never been expecting Shulk to use Monado Speed and have sex with all of them in under ten minutes. He appeased literally everyone. Then she and her male self took him to Smash, much to everyone else's disappointment.

Knock, knock.

Suddenly, there was a knock in her door. Careful not to wake Shulk up, she crept to the door and opened it. She was greeted by a rather strange sight. Palutena and Rosalina were both nervously standing in front of her door.

"Whatdo you guys want?" Robin asked suspiciously.

"W-Well, it's nothing serious, but... Look, he kills gods with that thing, right? And as a goddess and with Rosie here as a honorary goddess, we feel the need to... defuse the situation," Palutena said with a nervous smile. Rosalina just nodded.

Robin sighed and looked back towards Shu—

Shulk wasn't there.

There was a hole in the ceiling. It was so quiet, almost as if he'd been taken by a ninja...

"Damn it, Shiek! Dat ### is mine!" Robin yelled as she ran and leaped out the hole in the ceiling.

Palutena grinned.

"Operation Super Smashnado Lovers is going quite nicely."