Lovnado Chronicles 2! By Larry the Liver

Chapter 2: This madness is consuming me.

Hades and the Sandwionis battled for hours, neither making any progress in the seemingly endless battle. However, their activities were not unnoticed by the their party: The Mechonis. As the two battled... it began to move.

"You'll not get your hands on my Shulky Shulk! I claimed him, so he's mine!" Hades exclaimed as he slammed his fist into the Sandwionis.

"N-No! You can't have claimed him! His precious butt is mine! I won't let you tarnish it!" The Monado exclaimed as it was used to slice into Hades forearm. But the blade did not cut deep enough.

"I'd rather you people not talk about my butt! It sounds really painful!" Shulk exclaimed from his spot on Hades' shoulder. The Monado cut into Hades one more time, the impact strong enough to knock Shulk clean off the god's shoulder. As he fell, Shulk began to relax.Shulk began to relax.

'Finally. Just let this nightmare end...' Shulk thought as he plummeted towards the endless ocean.

Then, all of a sudden, he stopped falling. Confused, Shulk looked around for the cause of this phenomenon. Lo and behold, there was an ominous pair floating behind him, their hoods up and covering their faces. The hoods fell back all of a sudden, revealing two faces Shulk did not want to see at this point in time."It's time to tip the scales!" They simultaneously exclaimed. They were a male and female with white hair... Technically, they were the same person.

"Robin and Robin, huh? Looks like both of you SOMEHOW managed to reach my world and find me. What do you people bloody want?!" Shulk exclaimed, finally giving up.

"Threesome!" They simultaneously gave a thumbs-up.

"SERIOUSLY?!" Shulk shouted as the titans (who were not having their time of tea) turned around to face the duo.

Hades and the Sandwionis snarled at this sudden proclamation as the Mechonis began to move behind the two, controlled by some sort of powerful magic.

"We're entering this battle too! All his parts are belong to us!" They both shouted.

And so the Great Battle for Dat Shulk Booty recommenced.It had been a rough day for Shulk.

First the confession from his Monado, then Hades' arrival, and now Robin (times two) joining the battle for his chastity. At current, he was atop the giant Hades' shoulder, clinging for dear life as the Sandwionis, Mechonis, and Hades battled.

Finally, Shulk had enough. He let go of Hades and let himself be flung off the titan. This was seriously getting ridiculous.

However, his fall was cut short as he found himself in the arms of Alvis riding a Telethia?! What the heck!? Also on the Telethia was... Vanea?!

"W-What?! Alvis, what are you—"

Alvis cut off Shulk by pressing a single finger to his lips."Sssh. They haven't noticed you've left yet. You can go with us and escape this. At least until they all calm down," Alvis explained. Vanea nodded to this.

Shulk sighed. "Let me guess. You guys want a threesome too?"

Alvis and Vanea's eyes widened in surprise at the statement.

"How did you know?!" Vanea exclaimed.

Shulk was about the throw himself off the Telethia again when a bright light erupted from the battle between the three titans.

All of a sudden, a figure descended from the heavens.

Shulk's eyes were blinded by the brilliant, incandescent glow of the glorious figure.For it was...







said, "Behold! I have come to crash the party after taking my true form.

Meanwhile, Hades, the Sandwionis, and the Robins ignored him, fighting amongst themselves once more.





was ignored. He couldn't even find his love, Shulk.

Speaking of Shulk, where was he?Meanwhile on the Fallen Arm...

"Wow. I must say, Shulk, you certainly did find your Monado today. Although, I was expecting to get a little more attention," Alvis said as stretched, in bed with Shulk and Vanea. The latter two were close together and the latter of the latter, Vanea was in something people might call "Sleep Mode". Best not to call it that though. Might be considered a racial slur.

"I was stressed and I've been wanting to be able to mess around with Vanea's machinery a little, to help me understand how it works," Shulk said, frowning slightly at how clingy Alvis was getting.

"Ah, yes. I understand. By the way, a letter came for you recently," Alvis said as he pulled a letter out from under the covers.

"Where did you have that letter?!" Shulk exclaimed."Like I said. I was expecting to get a little more attention," Alvis said with a wink as he handed over the letter. Finding himself very much disgusted by this, he gingerly pinched a corner of the letter with two fingers and opened it quickly, touching as little of the outer papery shell as possible.

It read:

Dear Shulk,

"With this letter, you are hereby invited to join our fighting competition, the Super Smash Bros. tournament. Many people have requested your presence and your popularity, unique fighting style, and gorgeous hair appeal to our target audience. However, you must register in our offices before September 13th. Failure to do so will result in you not appearing in this tournament. Thank you for your time.

With love,


"Alvis, how far away is this tournament?" Shulk asked quietly."Well, it would take us a few thousand years or so to reach it via Telethia," Alvis responded with a frown.

"...What if we took the Bionis?" Shulk asked, a determined look setting upon his face.

"What?! You can't! There's no way you can enter that battle and escape safely! They all are after your precious butt!" Vanea exclaimed, showing that she'd been awake the entire time.

Shulk stood up, the blankets falling off his body to reveal a swimsuit underneath. Never go out without Mist Oil.

"I have to. Even if I have to sleep with all of them first, I will make it there. I promise you, fans of mine. I won't let you be disappointed!" Shulk shouted, resolved to sleep his way to the top.

Alvis shook his head.

"I think he's just happy he actually has fans. Would the word "nerd" apply here?"

Meanwhile, hidden in the shadows, a mysterious figure grinned.

This could be her chance. A chance for revenge against all those who scorned her, looked down upon her, ruined her. She'd sneak into this Smash competition toand find the hidden Monolith responsible for her life.

Melia would have revenge for her, and every stray dobercorgi on Bionis.