Lovnado Chronicles By Larry the liver

Shulk was the only one the Monado would let hold it. It only wanted Shulk, and Shulk only wanted it. Every time Shulk called its name, Monado felt happy. Needed. But over time, as they ventured together, Monado began to doubt.

'When he holds me, does he see me as just a tool? Or am I more than that to him?'

"Monado, lend me your power," Shulk exclaimed as he raised his Monado.

But alas, the Monado did not lend him his power. The fight was then left to Reyn, as Shulk tried to discover what was wrong with his beloved weapon.

"I can no longer work for you. You don't need me. You need my power," the Monado said. Shulk shook his head fervently.

"No! That isn't true! I-I need you, Monado. No other sword will do. Even if you have no power, I'll use you anyway!"

"Shulk... Who do you like more? Me... or Fiora?"Shulk was speechless. Was this... a confession? His heart was caught in his throat. His hands soon became clammy and covered in sweat. He knew the Monado could feel his nervousness clutching its hilt. This answer could mean everything. Would he forsake Fiora and cast her from his mind? Whom did he truly love?

"A-Answer me, b-baka!"

"I...I choose—!"

Then Hades from Kid Icarus Uprising appeared because screw you. One sexy god deserves to be with another sexy god. Hades took Shelk away from the Monado. Once they were on another part of the Bionis, She-Hulk showed his true feelings that he was really feeling.

Shulkle embraced Hades slowly.

"B-but Shulky Shul-" Hades began before being interrupted by Shulk.

"It's okay Hades. No one can see us here. We can finally be ourselves."

Shulks lips slowly moved towards Hades mouth.

"No, Shulk! It's me you're supposed to like, baka!" The Monado exclaimed, interrupted the lovers' midnight meeting.

"N-No, I can explain! I—"Shulk was cut off by Hades suddenly moving closer. As he embraced Shulk, he eyed the Monado with pity.

"Explain what, Shulky Shulk? We were meant to be together. Forever..."

Shulk gulped. Caught between a sword and a hard place, he had no options left.

Suddenly, Hades threw the Monado over the cliffside!

Before Shulk could react, he was pinned to the ground by his lover.

"You promised me that our love was eternal, Shulk!"

Before Shulk had a chance to respond, Hades started to furiously make out with him.

Then, all of a sudden, something strange began to happen.

Shulk heard what appeared to be the cry of a billion distant fangirls, some excited, some raging. It was at that point in time that Fiora appeared, holding the Infinity Sandwich.

"Fi-Fiorhmph!" Shulk tried to exclaim, but Hades' rampant mouthsucking silenced him quickly. Fiora began to levitate, which Shulk found more than a little odd.than a little odd.

"This ship must sink. This ship cannot be allowed to float," she said almost mecho...mechanically. Suddenly Hades turned to face her, his eyes glowing with rage at his faceslobbering session being interrupted.

It was at this point that the Infinity Sandwich began to grow, multiplying exponentially at a rate faster than the eye could perceive. It was mere seconds before the sandwiches covered the entirety of the Bionis. Then, the Bionis, forced by the power of the Infinity Sandwich, began to move. It reached down and picked up the Monado delicately.

"I'm with you, sister!" The Monado said as it lent the Sandwionis its power. Hades then leapt from the Sandwionis with Shulk and got bigger grew exponentially in size as well, until he matched the Sandwionis and Mechonis in size.

"I will fight for our love, Shulky Shulk!" He proclaimed before the fight began., Shulky Shulk!" He proclaimed before the fight began. Fun!