NTBN Title Author Category
26 Print Job #400 C.R.1.T.I.K.A.L Adult
25 Brolys da best Broly Non-Fiction
24 Kakarot a shit BROly Non-Fiction
23 Space Law (Major Crimes) NT Reference
22 Plasma Safety Angry Atmos Tech Reference
21 Only you can prevent Plasma fires!" - Smokey Smokey the Space-Bear Reference
20 The Pig Children Anonymous Reference
19 SANIC NOT FAST Lonk Non-Fiction
18 Shrek Is Dreck Shrek Non-Fiction
17 Lovenado Chronicles 6 THE FINALE Larry The Liver Adult
16 Lovenado Chronicles 5 Larry The Liver Adult
15 PLOUGHING A TROLL Hanna Maclagan Fiction
14 Lovenado chronicles 4 Larry the liver Adult
13 Lovenado Chronicles 3 Larry the Liver Fiction
12 Lovnado Chronicles 2! Larry the Liver Adult
11 Lovnado Chronicles Larry the liver Adult
10 Woody's Got Wood some guy Fiction
9 Doomsday Survival Guide (revised) Nasty Jax Reference
8 Doomsday Survival Guide Nasty Jax Reference
7 Book: Ancient Sumerian Text Unknown Fiction
6 Print Job #774 Anonymous Fiction
5 Ancient Sumerian Text Unknown Non-Fiction
4 Midget Woman John Goodman Adult
3 The Legend of Silent John Part 2 Still Anonymous Fiction
2 The Legend of Silent John Anonymous Fiction
1 Print Job #518 Beats-Fools-Robustly Adult