A Eulogy vol. 3 By Beaky

Beaky's Eulogy to a Defunct Station (contd.)

As time moved on, so did public opinion. Lots of rival stations poised some serious criticisms about the people that worked here. They were relentless about it and would often take their frustrations out on message boards. They criticized us for being loudmouthed and unashamed. But that was at its core, who we were. We weren't going to let some limp-dicked pussybois from rival stations talk us around. We were prepared to dish it back to them. Our time in the limelight wouldnt last forever though. You see, the guy who owned the place, a man by the moniker, "Lawligagger" or "Admiral Hippie" would forsake us. He left. He wanted nothing to do with us anymore. The budding community he worked to create, he just cast aside like some bastard stepchildren. I do wonder sometimes at night if he ever did get that pack of cigarettes.  Who cares though. It was a downhill path from then on out. More years would pass, and the deed would pass through various hands. Eventually though, the last of the workers would go on to seek employment elsewhere, and would leave this station. It's presently SY2021. We had a good run, fellas. The station, aging and defunct, will be condemned to forever drift out here on the edge of the system. But friends, if you come across this, know that my time here was not wasted. The place gave me joy and fun for a time, and I don't know what I would've done without them. Pathetic right? Some degenerate birdman lamenting over a station nobody really liked. Well it was where I got my start, and I won't ever sully its name. Not even for a minute. Like I mentioned boys, we had a good run while it lasted.
See ya, hippie. I'll miss you. - Beaky