A Eulogy vol. 2 By Beaky

Beaky's Eulogy to a Defunct Station (contd.)

Now fast forward a little bit to SY2016, and we're bustling. Lots of bright new faces came aboard the station and it was pretty cozy. Though I admit, it got a little more crazy, and with the new faces came a lot of syndicate agents, always trying to throw a wrench in our plans. Because it was more lax here, a lizardman and I grew to become good friends. His name was "Wants-No-Trouble" and he was a good chap. We'd often raid engineering for supplies to build our own dens to smoke cigars and enjoy cheap soda while the rest of the station erupted into chaos. This backwater station would come to assert itself as one of the highest producing stations in our stellar region, only being beaten out by a Weyland-Yutani corp. ship. Though I've heard stories of some terrifying beasts that live out where they operate and they routinely have to deal with alien outbreaks. Life was good back then.