A Eulogy vol. 1 By Beaky

Beaky's Eulogy to a Defunct Station
Written by Beaky .

It's about time I broke my own silence. I joined up under the NT Wing as a junior pipe technician. After some time at a vocational school, I got my license officially and was granted the title, "Atmospheric Technician" in stellar year SY2015. It was around that time that I got deployed aboard a backwater station NTSS-071 "Hippie" Station. They were a rowdy bunch, to be sure, and a lot of the humans there don't take very kindly to xenos, much less avian xenos. Being of the avian descent, it wasn't necessarily intolerable, but everyone still felt like they were deliberately at an arms length at all times. Who cares though? It's not as if my time there was unpleasant, but I digress. Early on I got into trouble with the station security, as the running HoS at the time; A burly woman called "Camille Driggers" suspected me of being a hardened syndicate agent and would routinely kick the shit out of me for various reasons.