Alien Dildo By D.A.V.E.

It's a type of dildo that deposits eggs into your vagina and/or anus. But fear not! The eggs are made of gelatin therefore your body heat will dissolve them and they will safely exist in your body. I actually got one for my sister at her last birthday, and let me tell you, she had a blast! And time the bathroom water had completely turned to jelly and we found out that she had used the dildo and deposited over 14 eggs inside her!! She spent almost 2 hours with gelatin just slowly oozing out of her. My family wasn't happy as the repairs weren't cheap, but we had a good laugh later.

This might be a little embarrassing confession but sometimes I use the dildo on myself when my sister isn't home, and let me tell you, the sensation of an alien dick depositing eggs inside your anus is something you have to experience at least once.

I highly recommend getting one of these beasts, it's a great family bonding toy, and even great for workplace lunchbreaks!!