Argonian BF By D.A.V.E.

Imagine if you were transported to Skyrim and put into the body of an 18 year old nord. I would go out and find the biggest and strongest Argonian and ask to be their boyfriend. Eventually I'd find one that was gay and we'd start being fag lovers together. I'd stay home and cook, clean, polish armor, etc, and he'd work hard at the mines or whatever. When he comes home he'd be all sweaty and musky, and I would tear his pants off and stick my face directly into his stinky fucking lizard dick and inhale that cock musk until my brain was friend. Then I'd take his huge dick into my mouth and taste the fucking sweat ooze over my tongue and take all 10 inches to the base as he shoots a huge fucking load right into my stomach. Then we'd eat my lovely dinner I made and we would retire to the bedroom where he would dominate my mouth with his super long tongue and then we'd drift off to sleep while cuddling.

no homo btw