The Gauntlet By D.A.V.E.

Let's say for argument's sake, Thanos cannot just use the stones to get rid of poop in his intestine or magically clean his ass. Most people wouldn't be comfortable using their non dominant hand to wipe their ass. It would be too awkward. Using his left hand is a no-no in this scanario. Would he wipe with the gauntlet on? What if the toilet paper breaks? Thanos would walk around with poop hands. The infinity poop gauntlet. Ew. The hulk would laugh at him.

Let's say he takes off the gauntlet and puts it on the counter. That would make him vulnerable, wouldn't it? Maybe this was the one outcome that Dr. Strange saw in 14,000,605. Spiderman swoops in, steals the gauntlet and toodles out of there without getting a sniff of Thanos poop. The rest of the Avengers cast would then swoop in and beat him senseless atop the toilet bowl. Ass unwiped.

What happens in the other 14,000,604 possibilities though? Thanos could own a japanese styled bidet toilet seat. The kind that would jet your ass with
lukewarm water warmed to your body's temperature, then dry your ass with the loving warmth of a mother. Thanos would never have to take of his glove to wipe his ass. His ass would be sparkly clean without him needing to lift a finger. To think that Japanese technology would be the undoing of the avengers. Who woulda thunk it.