SHOCKINGLY Outstanding proof of mandela! Entire state changes overnight!

"Doesn't anybody remember? The state of Washington used to be on the East Coast! Now come to find out, its on the West Coast! ie Pacific Ocean!?! How or more importantly when did this happen, and why were we not informed? Probably the greatest proof of mandela affect ever. Has anyone noticed?"

"You're a fucking retard. No, Washington state was never on the east coast. Washington, DC (District of Columbia) is on the east coast. Go back to 3rd grade dude. Freaking idiot."

are you black?
just curious"

"5 stars for hilarity"

"Pure, unfiltered, not-from-concentrate, organic Retardation."

"Anytime I'm feeling blue, like I'm useless, ugly, or stupid. Anytime life has spent all week kicking me in the ego, and my self esteem is low, I know I can come on to GLP and be reminded that, at least, I'm not this O.P."

"have u ever seen a map?"

"Do you have ge