Alex Jones Quotes By Tim Stalone

Just men in black uniforms grabbing a fifty five-year-old uh you know woman just choking ah you're gonna learn who we are you're gonna learn to submit the foreign bankers have given us unlimited power and we're gonna rule you this is our country your here and WE'RE GONNA FEED ON YOUR ASS!, AND THE COPS JUST DRINK FLUORIDE WATER, AHHH THEY TAKE THEIR KIDS AND JUST SHOOT 'EM UP WITH MERCURY and the kids become autistic the cops don't care they're I'm GOING TO THE TIT BAR I don't care if my kids brain-damaged they drink whiskey and wreck and kill everybody in Austin and then when they wreck and kill themselves the cops then go and SWAT team the bar owners that sold them too much whiskey it's your fault you sold too much whiskey to a god. YOU DON'T SELL TOO MUCH WHISKEY TO A GOD! We're God! You understand we roll America; we'll shoot you in the face, we'll bloody your face, and we'll laugh about it because we're weak gang members.