Shrek is Love 2 By Tim Stalone

Its the last day of school and I’m in my last class. I’m talking to my super cool teacher. I thank him for a shrektastic year. He says “It was Charming to be with you”. N-No, It can’t be. I turn towards him. Its just as i suspected. It was Prince Charming this whole time. I lunged after him, trying to lodge onions in his pretty boy rectum, but it was no use. As I uncovered his anus, Fairy Godmother emerged, and puts a layer restriction spell on me. It’s all ogre now. Just as I thought my last layer was being stripped from my soul, Shrek crashes through the ceiling. Yes. Without a moments hesitation, Shrek grabs Charming by the dick, rips it off, and strangles him with it. Fairy Godmother tried to fly away, but Shrek pulled out his onion-zooka. Fairy godmother burns to ashes. Shrek restores my layers, and gives me an onion. I go home with a sore anus from his massive ogre sized shaft. Shrek is love, Shrek is life.