Story of a Lifetime By D.A.V.E.

When I was about 17 years old, I had a life changing experience.

It was a normal Saturday afternoon, being young with no responsibilities I had all the free time I wanted, so I turned on the TV in my bedroom and started watching cartoons.

As the minutes passed, I was getting tired, so I jumped in my bed. The cartoon I was watching had just ended, and a new one was about to begin.

It was called "Spongebob Squarepants". First time I'd ever heard of it, to be honest.

I should mention I grew up in a very strict religious family and masturbation was strictly forbidden. As a matter of fact, no mention of sex was allowed at all. All I knew was that my pp was for peeing.

So the show starts, and I've been accumulating a lot of lust since puberty with no release. As soon as Spongebob comes on the screen, I get instantly rock hard. All those holes on his body made me really horny, and all I could think of was grabbing my long dick and fucking him in every hole at once, twisting and turning it when
necessary to ensure I get all of the precious holes covered.

However, I was also a devout religious person, so I just dismissed the thoughts as evil and turned the TV off, embarrassed that I let my lust get a hold of my body.

The next day comes, a beautiful Sunday, and my family decide to go out to an annual comic convention. My parents loved indulging in geek culture, they knew everything about every sci-fi movie released.

I went with them, there's usually a lot of cool attractions to keep me busy, such as board games and Super Mario tournaments.

When we arrived, I decided to head to the board game section. There were lots of people, and about a dozen tables. Most of them spectators and a few supervisors making sure nothing gets stolen.

I was waiting for a table to finish their game, when suddenly I see this girl wearing a - you guessed it - Spongebob shirt, but not only that no. He was also with Patrick, and they were looking at me. Instantly I get the most embarrassing boner of my life.

My dick
was growing inside my pants until it simply had nowhere else to go, and I had to take off my pants and underwear to give it space to expand. Everyone around me is looking at me, horrified.

Apparently a 40" penis was not normal, and everyone was taking pictures, including the girl with the Spongebob shirt. She was very surprised, and curious, so she approached me, amongst other people, to get a better look at my huge monster.

Suddenly, my lust takes over and I lose self control. I jump on the girl, rip Spongebob's image clean off of her shirt, and poke a few dozen holes through the torn cloth. Then, I proceed to do the thing I've always wanted since yesterday. With one loud grunt, I penetrated the image of Spongebob's biggest hole, saving the tightest for last.

A wave of euphoria hit me, and I moaned so loudly everyone I had everyone attending the convention's interest peaked. The girl, still in front of me, was shocked, frozen in place, watching as I humped the shit out of a makeshift
Spongebob sex toy.

The audience, which by now has tripled, was cheering me on, urging me to try and bend my dick a full 180 so it can enter a second hole. They caught on to my fetish, and it made my dick even harder. It began throbbing and radiating heat from the sheer pressure building up inside. I decided to satisfy their request, which was also my dream.

I grabbed my hard dick from the glans, and redirected it towards the second hole. And then the third, and the fourth. Finally, I had every single hole on Spongebob's body filled. That's when it happened.

Spongebob came to life, materializing right in front of us, he was no longer an image on a piece of cloth (which was polyester, very cheap for a girl who wears rings on all her fingers). No, now he was the real deal, he was with us, in the fl-sponge.

He started moaning, twisting his hips, shaking his butt, bobbing his head back and forth, massaging my cock with his body. The armed forces deployed several aircrafts to film me and Spongebob live
for the whole world to see, and news anchors were competing for air space to get a good view of the show from up high.

It felt so good, the whole world was watching us fuck so intimately. Suddenly, Spongebob reaches for the tip of my dick with his mouth. That's when someone from the crowd asked him "YO WHAT DAT MOUF DO?". He smirked, and with one swift motion took what was left spare of my shaft deep into his throat. It felt amazing, and I couldn't hold back any longer.

The people were masturbating furiously all around us, aroused by the sight they were seeing. Suddenly, I felt an overwhelming sensation of pleasure build up from my balls all the way to the glans. I knew it was coming, I was about to cum for the first time of my life.

Spongebob stops deepthroating me for a second and says, "Fill me up with that good nut fam". He gobbles my cock again, using his own spit as lube, furiously deepthroating me down to the last inch. It was time, the moment of no return. My muscles tight
en, my dick gets even harder, and my balls almost wanted to erupt with all the cum built up.

"AAAGGHHHHHH", I scream, as rope after rope of cum shoots down Spongebob's throat. Spongebob continues milking me with his body while I shoot stream after stream of piping hot cum inside of him. After I finish, he asks the audience to huddle around us tight.

The audience instantly obeys, and suddenly we were surrounded with dozens of aroused men and women, who had come from the 4 corners of the globe to see us fuck. Even Ethan and Hila Klein were in the audience, livestreaming the event for their subscribers to see. Suddenly, Spongebob takes out a wringer out of his ass and places it in front of him. He asks me to push the On button once he says so.

I watch him get in position, and he gives me the sign. That's when I saw the most amazing thing anyone's ever witnessed. As the wringer twisted and squeezed every part of his body, my cum erupted violently from every one of his pores. Everyone and e
verything within a mile radius was covered in my thick load. The scent of my seed was everywhere. The roads were blocked with a 2 inch high coating of cum. Everyone was trudging in cum, and awe and disbelief were the common expressions everyone shared.

My parents had been watching the whole time, and I could see tears trickling down their faces. They were proud, I had never seen them so happy. After a series of interviews with major news anchors, and a couple of fans asking for autographs, my parents and I headed back home.

That's when they explained to me why they were so strict in my upbringing. My father, and hence I, are descendants of a long revered bloodline of Cum Dragons. Our duty was to protect the human race by neutralizing any threats with our cum, that turns even the friggin' frogs gay. That is, gay with joy. (No homo)

Over the next few days I was approached by pretty much the most powerful people on Earth, Mr. Bean, Ben Shapiro, heck, even Queen Elizabeth wanted to see me personal

Honestly now I'm just trying to get by through college so I can get my P.hD in Instagram Thotology and open my own brothel in Dubai one day... but I guess I'll have to deal with the fame that comes with having such an amazing superpower as well.

My adventure's just begun.