Cockaine By D.A.V.E.

I used to sell cum crystals.

This brought back memories of when I was in prison.

I was arrested on drug charges for cocaine possession and dealing cocaine. I ended up getting sentenced to 5 years. I wasn’t phased because I’ve been through a hell of a lot worse and I had nothing to lose.

Keep in mind that I was a 100 pound 5’4” white twink, so on the first day of my sentence when I entered the prison courtyard, all of the big jacked up convicts all stared at me and smiled and cat called.

On several occasions, I’d be alone when suddenly I would get jumped by a group of convicts. They would attempt to gang rape me and try to all sword fight inside of my asshole at once, but in my defense I would loudly shit myself, causing them all to flee in disgust each time. I was sick of them doing it and I wanted payback - when I got the most amazing idea.

They knew I was thrown in prison for dealing drugs, so I used that to my advantage. Each day for the next few years, I would proceed to edge myself from the second
I woke up until I went to bed to the point where I could not handle the pleasure. Right before going to bed, I would proceed to masturbate to completion; shooting ropes of ejaculate that could flood the earth and destroy Noah’s Ark, all over my stomach. In the morning time I would scrape my dried semen off into plastic bags, crushing it all up into a powered substance which I secretly named “cockaine”.

I started giving out these bags of my cockaine to the convicts who tried to gang rape me. I watched in satisfaction as they all eagerly took the bags and dumped them out on the table when nobody was looking, and proceed to cut lines and snort my specially-made drug.

Each day, I continued to do this, raising my popularity among the inmates with my lovely cockaine. Some of them claimed it actually gave them an insane high, while others said they didn’t feel anything but they wanted some anyways because snorting it felt like the hard shit.

On my last day, however, everything changed. Before I left, I made ever
yone watch as I proceeded to lift my shirt to display my glazed stomach, scraping off the jizz flakes into a plastic bag and crushing it up.

I watched in extreme pleasure and satisfaction as all of the prisoners that bought my cockaine vomited profusely, stinking up the room of pure stomach bile.

In the end I ended up getting butt plowed by all the inmates anyways, even after loudly shitting myself in my defense.