I Love Hentai By D.A.V.E.

Ok boys, let's admit me, we crank one out atleast once a day. Like that's fine bro, I also tug on the salami sometimes, but when I do I watch hentai. Now you may be saying, "What the fuck bro, you watch Chinese cartoons and that gets your Richardson out and about, what the fuck is wrong with you, fucking Weeb?!"

Firstly, shut your goddamn whore mouth you worthless son of a bitch, if you don't cease your vocal chords from vibrating this fucking instance I swear to the almighty power above that I will strike you down with such righteous fury that I will make Sodom and Gomorrah look like they were goddamn picnic, you absolute worthless troglodyte.

Secondly, I'm not a weeb, I don't watch any other cartoons, just hentai, that doesn't count!

And thirdly, I jerk off junior down there for ethical reasons!

Look, regular porn involves actors, and guess what?! A lot of those actors are sex trafficked, meaning that they are victims of crime and slavery! Because of you sick fucks watch
ing porn, traffickers and pimps kidnap more and more girls to fill the demand. I refuse to support an industry that doesn't respect the rights of my fellow Americans! But hentai requires no actual physical actors, just VA's! Therefore it is ethical to view and get my kicks off of hentai. Hentai legitimately is the more ethical medium and if I catch any of you sick fucks watching anything but hentai you are fucking dead.