The Hummers By D.A.V.E.

In the 1600s - right about the time that England was getting SICK of the Puritans - the Dutch were having a problem with their own religious extremists - The Hummers

they were called the Hummers because they would attend public places and hum popular and catchy religious songs - getting a song out of your head now is no big deal - music is everywhere - but imagine trying to get a religious version of "Never Gonna Give You up" out of your head 290 years before Edison introduced the phonograph cylinder - now imagine how people might feel about a group of people doing this?

they were seen as a minor annoyance by the monarchy for a long time till one of their members nailed Frederick Henry, Prince of Orange in 1627 - before that - no commoner had ever given any member of the Dutch Monarchy a hummer - and the monarchy set out to make sure it never happened again

Now the Dutch deported them - the American Colonies wanted nothing to do with them - so they ended up settling in the Upper Region of what
is now French Guiana and naming it after the ship that took them there The Blumpkin - so the unwanted Hummers have been living in Upper Dutch Blumpkin - isolated and cut off - for the past ~ 300 or so years - hated by everyone around them STILL

the control and oppression there is terrible - outside no one wants anything to do with them - inside the place is still controlled by the Hummers - and the only livestock that survives is a type of jungle goat called the Blumpkin Cat - but hopefully soon we will have a Free Upper Dutch Blumpkin for those cat herding people

I hope that covers that - I'm paraphrasing - most of this information is from Melissa - it was part of her Major in college History