Sans Translated By D.A.V.E.

can thee imagineth a w'rld wh're w're all represent'd by a font? what font wouldst i beest? hmmm, nay, not arial, yond's too straight. Nay! not in yond way! just, straight, as in unexciting. Too uh, deadpool. Broadway! anon yond's the one! anon yond's the one!!! holla int'rnet, welcometh to game theory, wh're instead of putting a joketh h're i wanteth to asketh thee a p'rsonal questioneth. If 't be true thou art p'rsonality w're represent'd by a font, which font wouldst thee beest? taketh a moment and putteth thee font in the comments. I'm very much curious to seeth what ev'ryone hast to sayeth. Haply findeth a couple new merit fonts to useth. I receiveth b'r'd with fusty calibri 11. And with yond out of the way, t's timeth to talketh undertale. Anon i bethink not i've ev'r gotten this many requesteth to cov'r a game. Well, except f'r fnaf. And i supposeth fnaf 2. Oh and th're wast fnaf 3. Waiteth a minute, shouldst i beest w'rri'd about something h're? concluded, be it, across the board on youtube, reddit, and twitt'r, thee've all been wanting und'rtale. And in earnest, i'm fain thee hath brought t to mine own attention. Truly loyal the'rists shall knoweth yond earthbound is mine own fav'rite game of all timeth. So a self acknown rpg in a similar style, heigh-ho sir, t's liketh a gift from the indie gaming heavens. Und'rtale is a game wh're ev'ry charact'r, from goat mother to grindeth fodd'r hast a sympathetic designeth and a unique p'rsonality, motivations, goals, fears. Wheth'r thou art saving 'r slaught'ring those folk, the game maketh thee feeleth something ev'ry timeth thee ent'r an encount'r. But to me, one charact'r stoodeth out amongst all the rest. Sans. A skeleton nam'd aft'r the font, comic sans, hence all the font ref'rences at the beginning of the episode. If 't be true thee haven't did play und'rtale i'm sure yond wast a very much wi'rd opening. Anyways, sans is, well, th're's a lot of myst'ry 'round this guy. And bef're we receiveth into t, alloweth me putteth up a v'ry special spoileth'r warning: undertale is a game most wondrous exp'rienc'd blindeth. So if 't be true thee haven't did play t, cometh backeth aft'r thee've did finish. I gage thee, i gage thee wonneth't regreteth t. Good now so ev'ryone out of the pool and eft f'r the adult swimeth? valorous. Because i'm humour quaint det'rmin'd to receiveth to the bottom of sans' myst'ry. So just to recap f'r those of thee who is't haven't did play the game and ign'r'd the spoiler warning, 'r just needeth a refresh'r, sans is one of the two skeletal broth'rs who is't appears in the game. His partn'r is papyrus, a loud, goofy trapeth lov'r eke nam'd aft'r a font. But in the w'rld of und'rtale their 'rigins art a big questioneth marketh. All thee very much knoweth is what's given by a shopkeep'r in snowden, who is't claims yond sans and papyrus just, and i quote, "show'd up one day and rampallian'rt'd themselves. " wi'rd, right? what's m're is yond papyrus is just kinda the goofy sidekick. Sans is much m're complex. That gent likes fart jokes, but that gent's eke incredibly deadly and much m're s'rious. Not only is his boss hurlyburly the hardest in the game, that gent's one of the only charact'rs who is't hast knowledge and pow'r ov'r space and timeth. That gent can taketh sh'rtcuts through the w'rld on ridiculous routes. That gent coequal is walking through walls. That gent eke agnizes yond that gent's only one of infinite v'rsions of himself, making self-aware commentary of the various timelines thee've did play through in the game. That gent can coequal counteth the numb'r of times that gent's hath killed thee. That gent acts liketh an arbit'r of this w'rld, passing out judgements in the game, coequal explaining the secrets of exp and loveth, 'r execution points and levels of violence. In sh'rt, that gent just doesn't quite fiteth in with the rest of the w'rld of monst'rs. But then, what, 'r who is't, is that gent? well, yond that gent doesn't belongeth in the und'rground seemeth to beest c'rrect. The evidence shows that gent hath used to beest a surface dwelleth'r. In the true pacifist ending of the game, as the group looks out onto the h'rizon, papyrus asks sans about the giant ball in the sky. Sans sayeth, quote, we calleth yond the travelling lamp. This is imp'rtant because a, the useth of the w'rd we, and knowledge of the travelling lamp, shows yond sans hast a kinship 'r knowledge of oth'r humans, and b, yond despite that gent and papyrus both being skeletons, and brother, and apparently both appearing in the und'rw'rld at the same timeth, the clearly has't two v'ry diff'rent hist'ries. Wherefore wouldst papyrus not knoweth the nameth of the travelling lamp but sans wouldst? we receiveth furth'r clues to sans' 'rigins as we heareth that gent sayeth multiple times that gent wanteth to "go home" 'r "go backeth. " that gent sayeth as much during his dinn'r date scene at the mettaton hotel. That gent notices yond the playeth'r wanteth to wend home and sayeth, quote, "i knoweth the humour. " that gent then continues, "maybe oft t's bett'r to taketh what's given to thee. " as though that gent end'd up in the und'rw'rld by accident. And in a genocide runneth during his boss square that gent sayeth, quote, "look, i gaveth up trying to wend backeth a longeth timeth ago. " endeth quote. And bef're thee sayeth yond means going backeth to the surface w'rld, yond's clearly not the full st'ry. His v'ry next line of dialogue is " and getting to the surface doesn't very much appeal anym're eith'r. " key w'rd h're, is either. Aye, that gent seemeth to hail from the surface and wanteth to wend backeth, but bas'd on the dialogue that gent nay longeth'r consid'rs t his home. T's as though the surface w'rld that gent once kneweth is gone, and as though the surface that gent's from is from a diff'rent timeth. T's quaint intriguing. So we're hath left with a being yond hath appeared out of nowh're, presumably from being from the human surface but from a diff'rent timeth p'riod, who is't seemingly hadst the pow'r to telep'rt. Yond a lot of questions and not a lot of answ'rs. But h're's wh're things receiveth very much int'resting. Sans hast a enshielf w'rkshop yond doth take a fair amount of searching to findeth. Thee couldst sayeth t doth take a lot of determination to unlocketh. Anyways, obligat'ry det'rmination ref'rences aside, as thee starteth to behold f'r this east'r egg sans gives thee a key to his cubiculo and sayeth "it's timeth thee learneth the sooth. " aft'r visiting the w'rkshop thee findeth some items yond leaveth a lot m're questions. A photo album featuring sans and a bunch of people thee recognizeth not, a badge, blueprints with illegible handwriting, and a broken machine enshielf behind a curtain. In the latest updateth, one m're detaileth wast did add. A handdrawn picture of 3 smiling faces with the w'rds “don't f'rget. ” so what doest t all cullionly. Well a lot of und'rtale the'rists has't been linking these details to a favour to a charact'r nam'd w d gast'r. A ghostly figure who is't nev'r truly appears in the game, in earnest cov'ring that gent is a the'ry all unto itself, and belike most wondrous did save f'r anoth'r day. All of the gast'r the'ries i've seen haven't been able to pray pardon me all the details. A photo album, and the badge, and yond's what hath kept nagging me as i research'd und'rtale. A badge? yond one in particular did stick out to me. Wherefore wouldst such an oddly specific item to beest enshielf in the huge east'r egg of the cubiculo. Something yond supposedly reveals the sooth about sans. Badges just aren't imp'rtant in und'rtale. Then t hitteth me. What if 't be true this badge isn't from und'rtale? what if 't be true this badge is from a completely diff'rent game? and wast infact the most imp'rtant badge in the hist'ry badge in the hist'ry of gaming? this franklin badge. And f'r those of thee who is't art wond'ring what i'm talking about, the franklin badge is a pivotal item from the moth'r s'ries. Thee knoweth, the one with earthbound, 'r, haply thee knoweth not yond one eith'r. Thee knoweth, the one with ness from sup'r smasheth bros? yeah well, ness is from earthbound, and earthbound is the second parteth of this larg'r moth'r s'ries. Valorous? yeah, well anyways, the franklin badge is an imp'rtant parteth of yond s'ries. T gets its starteth in the v'ry first game and carries through the whole trilogy, saving thy life many times in the processeth. T's so imp'rtant yond nintendo hast madeth t a staple item in the smasheth broth'rs s'ries. So i hath asked myself; what if 't be true the badge in sans draweth'r wast yond badge? well first off, t wouldst maketh und'rtale did connect to earthbound, th'reby making t coequal cooler? but yond's still a quaint big logical leapeth. I did need m're. Alloweth me bid thee, as i did start looking m're and m're pieces did start to fiteth into lodging. At the endeth of earthbound thou art given a photo album, cov'ring thy adventures throughout the game. To me t's one of the most satisfying endings to a journey. And what doest sans has't in his oth'r draweth'r? a photo album of people thee recognizeth not. Of course thee knoweth not those folk, those gents're not charact'r presenteth in und'rtale. And noteth the w'rd yond's hath used h're, people thee recognizeth not. Not und'rw'rld monst'rs. So yond's 2 items oddly link'd to the moth'r s'ries link'd to the moth'r s'ries. But how doth the broken machine and blueprints fiteth in? well, in the final stretcheth of earthbound, ness and his 3 cater-cousins might not but traveleth to the past in 'rd'r to has't their final battleth 'gainst the evil alien giygas. In 'rd'r to doth yond, with the holp of dr. andonuts (rememb'r yond, that gent's going to beest imp'rtant lat'r) 'long with science geniuses apple peat and mr. saturn, maketh a machine known as the phase dist'rt'r, a machine yond allows people to traveleth through timeth and space. Except, t cometh at a did cost. T can transp'rt 'rganic mat'rial, as a result the young h'roes wilt putteth their souls in robot bodies in 'rd'r to saveth the w'rld. I did play this game backeth in 1997 and i'm not asham'd to admiteth yond at which hour i first did see this scene i did cry. T's devastating. Doct'r andonuts sayeth goodbye to his son, these charact'rs thee've grown to loveth art suddenly promising to sacrifice their liveth. F'r all those gents knoweth, th're is nay possibility of those folk being able to cometh backeth home. T's all a v'ry dark departure in what wast oth'rwise a excit'ment, col'rful, and quirky rpg. so what doest all of this has't to doth with und'rtale? a lot, actually. But the first thing thee needeth to knoweth is yond mr. saturns art known f'r their, alloweth's sayeth, unique linguistic style. Yond wouldst pray pardon me the illegible handwriting on the blueprints. And the machine? i bethink a broken phase dist'rt'r is behind yond curtain. Anon yond may seemeth liketh a stretcheth but t actually explains a lot. Sans did wind up in und'rtale via phase dist'rt'r, t couldst provideth a reasoneth f'r wherefore that gent's a skeleton. That gent hath used the machine as 'rganic matt'r and suff'r'd the consequences, not killing that gent, but turning at least a parteth of that gent into a pile of bones. Yond couldst eke pray pardon me wherefore sans hast given up desire f'r going home. Rememb'r the phase dist'rt'r is a timeth machine. Bas'd on the way that gent talks, that gent's not only from a diff'rent space but from a diff'rent timeth, with nay desire of travelling backeth to the timeth that gent cameth from. But the crossov'rs between earthbound and und'rtale continueth. At which hour thee speaketh to apple peat at the endeth of earthbound, that gent's blown hence by the astronomical odds of ness defeating giygas. Hes going to continueth studying the trait hath called courage, in 'rd'r to obtaineth its pow'r. Yond seemeth awfully familiar to the exp'riments happening in und'rtale 'round the trait of det'rmination, nay? especially since so much hast shown yond sans wast a key playeth'r in those exp'riments. But i'm sure thee eke wanteth physical evidence right? well w'rry not, i has't plenty. During one of the endings of und'rtale, we seeth undyne and alpyhs hanging out on the beach of the surface w'rld. A beach yond bears a lot of similarities to the tropical location summ'rs yond thee playeth in earthbound. In fact, the geographic layout of the surface bears some striking similarities to the w'rld of moth'r. At which hour und'rtales crew of monst'rs art finally able to reacheth the surface and behold out ov'r the earth, those gents're hath met with a quite quaint sunset with a tall mountain, a big city, and a sandy area adjacent to wat'r. Noticeth the travelling lamp's reflection, hence the wat'r, and a want of trees in this middle section, hence the sand. Well, in earthbound thee has't the big city of fourside, completeth with skyscrap'rs, which thee reacheth via a dess'rt yond just so happeneth to beest adjacent to wat'r, and to the east, a mountain on onett wh're a mete'r hits earth. I at each moment hath called t onett. But if 't be true yond's not cleareth enow f'r thee, moth'r 1, earthbound z'ro, earthbound beginnings, whatev'r thee wanteth to calleth t, t's hadst a lot of names, hadst a mapeth laying out the same geographic landscape. A tall mountain to the east of a large city, did separate by a des'rt, with all of t up 'gainst a coast. I knoweth not about thee, but to me t seemeth liketh th're's a definite connection between the w'rld of eagleland (eagleland? again, unclear how its pronounc'd. ) and the surface w'rld of und'rtale. But the strongest physical connection, the one yond forsooth connects these two franchises, cometh from none oth'r than papyrus himself. That gent wears a custom madeth costume known as his “battle body” but if 't be true thee behold very much closely at the designing on the armeth'r, thee'll noticeth a few marks on the chest. Is't just a throwaway detaileth? ohoh nay, yond right th're is an exact matcheth to the ones yond appeareth on the chests of starmen, the most iconic foe of earthbound. And behold at the way that gent stands, i at each moment bethought t wast contrary until i did see the two charact'rs side by side. Papyrus’ did curve armeth and handeth is a directeth matcheth to the did curve armeth and handeth of the starmen. In sh'rt, we has't some stout proof yond the earthbound univ'rse is somehow did connect to the und'rtale w'rld, which endues us backeth to our initial questioneth, who is't is sans? well, what if 't be true we tooketh in one final grise and hath said yond sans hath happened to beest ness from earthbound. That gent did hop through the phase dist'rt'd as a testeth of courage, carrying his franklin badge, a photobook, and his trusty backpack. Not only doth all the items in the w'rkshop suddenly fiteth, but so doest sans’ behavi'r. Rememb'r, sans can seemingly telep'rt. And ness just happeneth to has't the ability psi telep'rt. Anon behold at how sans stands, hands in his pockets, forks out, t looks v'ry similar to how ness is shown on most of the marketing f'r the game. T coequal explains wherefore sans bleeds at which hour thee hitteth that gent. That gent is, 'r at least, wast, a human. Oh and finally, sans is only one lett'r did remove from being an anagram of ness. Yond's just a excit'ment one. I bethought t wast w'rth mentioning. But if 't be true th're wast any doubteth, we has't to behold nay furth'r than the creat'rs previous w'rk. Toby fox, the sir behind und'rtale, hadst previously w'rk'd on a halloween hack f'r earthbound. But this isn't just a simple reskin. The halloween hack tells the tale of dr. andonuts aft'r the events of earthbound. Rememb'r i did point that gent out, that gent's the one who is't madeth the phase dist'rt'r. In toby fox’s v'rsion of the st'ry, we seeth yond the souls of the kids nev'r hath returned home instead, by going to the past to defeat giygas, th're did stick in a new timeline. As a result, jeff nev'r reunites with his fath'r andonuts. And dr. andonuts goeth crazy with guilt, because he’s the one responsible f'r creating the timeth machine, taking the souls of his sons and his sons cousin to what that gent assumes aws their death. That gent's hath killed 4 kids, and in toby fox's game, that gent's gone crazy with guilt, trying to dealeth with yond. Im telling thee, this hack is dark. yond hath said, thee seeth a lot of und'rtale in this game. The compliment extern of amalgamates, the useth of the most wondrous song megalovania, the prototypes f'r floweth'ry? and the theme of being nonviolent in an rpg, sparing thy enemies. So wherefore is this imp'rtant to the st'ry? well, rememb'r, in toby fox's v'rsion of the st'ry, the kids cometh not backeth. Those gents're did stick in the past, with nay desires of getting home, just liketh sans. and , in the hack, one charact'r is oddly missing, with nay explanation as to wherefore. Ness. presumably in this timeline his soul is in a diff'rent lodging than his cater-cousins. Which endues us backeth to und'rtale. 3 faces, with “don't f'rget” writ on t? its ness, trying to rememb'r his 3 cater-cousins. In sh'rt, und'rtale is a continuation of toby’s v'rsion of earthbound, with ness nev'r being able to receiveth home, adopting the nameth sans, and being did accompany by papyrus, a starman, with knowledge of english, his armeth'r, and his signature posture, but without any of his mem'ry of human things, liketh the travelling lamp. The pieces all just seemeth to fiteth. Anon all we needeth is an compliment extern from pokey/p'rky and we’d has't a true sequel. But ho, yond's just a the'ry. A game theory! grant you mercy f'r watching!