Xenomorphs By Vladin Ampora

The life cycle of a xenomorph upon this station begins with none other than myself, the Reseach Director. It is a well known fact that within my office, I have a pet named Larmaar. Larmaar is a facehugger who cannot impregnate anything. I also have access to xenobiology. In xenobiology, we find the humble xenobiologist. I force him to create the pink slime, a wonderous creature that can be used to make a gender changing potion. This is done by injecting blood into a pink slime core. Using this on Larmaar makes Larmaar able to impregnate people, and thus, the lifecycle begins. Once you have fixed Larmaar, you should throw him at a monkey, or if you feel daring, just leave him on the floor and let him get you. He will die once you or your monkey are pregnant. You should now fill the soon to be nest with many monkeys, which will serve as hosts for new xenomorphs. Once the larvae is out, assuming you are not now the larvae, you should ensure it evolves into a DRONE. If it becomes anything else, this is where the book ends for you. If it becomes a DRONE then you are on the right path! It may try to escape, and that is okay. Once your xenomorph is a queen, the crew can kill it without ruining your chances. If you obtain the body, you can get the egg sac and plasma containment organs, and if you put those into yourself, you will be able to lay eggs, making more facehuggers, allowing the cycle to continue.