Print Job #929 By greyshit mcgee

New Space Law

1: You must not steal
2: You must not attack the other crew without cause
3: You must not deliberatlely damage the station without cause
4: You must not resist capture by officers of the law
5: you must not endanger the crew through negligence
6: You must not break and enter without cause
  • these are ordered in sentence length
7: You must not attack with deadly intent
| 8: You must not work against the station
9: You must not Kill
10: you must not ERP
11: You must not attempt to kill
12: you must not ascociate with enemys of NT

9 and 11 may be ovveruled if there is reason
Humans are first class citizens
APCS are first class citizens
0Lizards are second class citizens
Moths are third class citizens
Birds are fourth class citizens
Cats are not citizens

Sentence length may vary but the heinoussness is still in order

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