A Hidden Passion By Aaaron

"Class is dismissed, it's time for dorms." Mr.Aizawa said drearily as the bell rang. As I picked up my notes and sat up, thoughts of the entrance exam began to spin in my head. I had so much to learn in such a small amount of time; It made me a little anxious just thinking about it. Nevertheless, I shuffled out of the room with the rest of the class, and it was silent except for footsteps and chatter between students. Suddenly, I was snapped out of my daydream by the feeling of a hand on my shoulder. I pivoted around to find Uraraka, a little too close for comfort, grinning at me.
"Any plans for tonight, Deku?"
"No thanks, Mr. Aizawa told us to get up early tomorrow for training."
"Oh, I wanted to exercise with you," Uraraka whispered defeatedly. "Another day I guess?"
"Sure!" I responded, and waved goodbye as I opened the door and stepped out of the classroom. Even after all this time, UA still shocked me every now and then by how good it looked; everythin
g was sleek and had a purpose. I admired the view out the window as I made my way to my dorm.
As I absent-mindedly stepped up the staircase to my dorm, a yelp shocked me out of my contemplation. It was quiet, but it curdled my blood because I recognized exactly what it was; that was a
yell of pain. Looking quickly to my right, I saw Momo on the set of stairs above me, tumbling down them, at least 8 feet from the bottom. Before I could even consciously process what it meant, I felt the power of Full Cowl activate throughout my entire body, and my foot cracked the step as it pushed off. Careening upwards, I grabbed the railing, and flipped my entire body. As my feet forcefully landed on the wall, I pushed off, sending me flying towards the stairs. As I hit the steps, I forcefully grabbed Momo and flinched as the steps cracked from the force of my impact. As the dust cleared, with a shocked expression, she gazed deeply at me for a moment, speechless.
"Are you alright?"
"Thanks to you.. I mean, i'm all right thanks to you. Thanks, I don't know what would've happened if you weren't there." she stammered, looking away as if she had just accidentally told me a secret.
"It's no problem, Momo." As she walked down to grab the notebook she dropped, she hesitantly turned around and looked me in the eye.
"You're a great guy, you know that, Izuku?" Breaking her gaze awkwardly, she walked down the next flight of stairs. As I walked up the stairs and into the dorms, I saw Kaminari and Sero eating chips while watching TV.
"Sup, Deku?" Sero called out to me. Kaminari held up his snack;
"Want some chips?" I made my way to the couch, and sat down with my friends, who happened to be watching a sitcom. I could barely stand those things, but I had nothing better to do, so I ate a handful of chips, and talked with them for what felt like hours.
Before I know it, it's already dark outside, and we've gone through at least three bags of chips.
"Good night, guys! See you tomorrow!" I cheerfully shouted at Kaminari and Sero as they returned to their dorms, being careful not to wake up the people who are already asleep. As soon as they're around the corner, Momo walked from the table she'd been preparing cheese and crackers on, and gracefully sat down on the couch with them.
"Izuku--I just, uh, wanted to say thanks for saving me. I legitimately could've gotten hurt. I think you have the makings of a great hero."
"It's really nothing... I mean, i'll be doing it all the time when I become a hero, right?" I respond, failing to hide my blush. She took a cracker from the platter, put some cheese on it, and took her time eating it. She swallowed, and offered me one, which I took out of politeness, though they aren't my favorite food.
"Anyway, I have something you'll think is cool. Wanna see it? You'll have to come to my dorm." she blurted out, sounding very excited. Enthusiastically, I nodded, and she took my by the hand.
I gently picked it up, and took a sip to test the temperature. Fortunately, it wasn't too hot to drink, and I took a larger gulp. It tasted mild and sweet, with a peppermint aftertaste. I smiled at Momo
show I liked it, and as we both drank, it didn't take long to finish both of our cups. Setting the cup down, a thought struck me;
"Wait, if you can heat tea, can you make objects as hot as you want? Could you burn a hole through the ground with one of your creations?"
"It's never crossed my mind, to be honest. That is something I should test out. However," Momo said with a sudden excitement, "there is something I wanted to talk about."
"Yeah?" Suddenly, my limbs felt oddly heavy, and I started to feel lightheaded. I realized that it must be very late by now if I was already that tired; I should leave soon, since I have to get up early.
"When you smelled the tea, you missed one ingredient."
"What was it?" I said, with a twinge of curiosity.
"Hyoscine. It's an herb I only learned about recently. How did it taste?"
"To be honest, I didn't taste it at all, but don't take any offense; the tea was great. Thanks for having me, but I have to go." I hurriedly said as I walked towards the door."
"Sit back down." Momo said in an uncharacteristically cold and commanding voice. I turned immediately and walked back to the seat. "Hyoscine has some neuroactive properties. They're interesting, but all you need to know about it is that it causes heightened suggestibility. That means," she said as her blank expression became a smirk, "you're mine for the night, Izuku."
Gracefully, she stepped away from the table, and stood next to a bed bed that seemed too big for the room. Suddenly, I began to panic, wondering what all of this meant, and why Momo would put anything neuroactive in my tea, and...
"Come over here." When I heard Momo's voice, all thoughts cleared from my head, and I walked calmly towards the bed. As I sat on the bed, Momo looked me up and down, and then unzipped my pants.
"I’ll let you have a treat." Collectedly, Momo began removing her overwear, leaving nothing but lacy lingerie, as the sudden movement caused her breasts to bounce. Confidently, she reached for my penis, and it immediately became erect as soon as she took it in her hands. Water began to stream from her hands, lessening the friction as she began to vigorously rub. I snapped my teeth shut, barely keeping myself from groaning. Suddenly, she sped up, but stopped before the job was done.
"I'm sorry that you won't be able to remember this, Izuku, but I always will." Even though, at the moment, I could barely think, I could still see and feel what was happening as Momo kneeled down, took my dick, and began to deepthroat it. Unable to control myself, I rocked back and forth ever so slightly on the bed.  As she moved back and forth, I felt burst after burst of pleasure. She paused, took a deep breath, and looked at me expectantly."Don’t cum yet... I’d be very disappointed. We only just got to the main event." Climbing onto the bed, Momo quickly slipped her lingerie over her legs and threw it to the side.(edited)
"Izuku, get on top." Compliantly, I climbed on top of Momo, and she quickly grabbed my cock and put it in.
"Now, it's your turn. Just do whatever feels right." Slowly, I began to thrust, as waves of pleasure spread throughout my body. Soon, my rythm sped up, and Momo's breathing became faster with it. Momo started shifting slightly everytime I thrusted, letting out a quiet moan. Gradually, my rythm slowed to a costant speed, and Momo's breathing became deeper. Weakly, she opened her eyes.
"That quirk that you used to save me... activate it." Though I had not activated it myself, I felt Full Cowl explode, recoiling, throughout my body, and my thrusts began speeding up to an inhuman level. A shock spread throughout her face, and she suddenly bit her pillow as she blushed brightly. I slowed down, and felt Momo's body loosen, then sped back up again, causing her to moan in pleasure. I intensified, bit by bit, until Momo couldnt take it anymore, then slowed back down and did it all again. As I reached my peak speed, suddenly, I felt shivers run through Momo's body, and she gasped as she came. With one final thrust, so did I. As I rolled off her onto the bed, Momo released her death grip on the pillow.
"That's enough, Izuku. You can go to bed for the night."  Gently, I pushed myself next to Momo, and let the warmth of her body lull me to sleep.