Gospel of HONK(5:19) By Holy Church of H O N K

Praise the honkmother, for she is all that is great and holy in this world. She giveth us a mere ten commandments to follow, and in exchange, when we reach the end of our natural lives, she blesses us with a grand afterlife, where everyone gets a clown car, bananas line the streets, and beautiful choruses of bike horns play everywhere. It is truely a blessed place. But those foolish enough to fail these ten holy commandments are sure to go to a place of ceaseless suffering, known as Vore Station 13.

The commandments are as follows:
1. Thou must not harm their fellow man. Unless they?re a mime. Fuck those guys.

2. Thou shall act charitably. Share your space lube and potency 100 bananas with thy neighbor

3. Pray to the great honkmother before every meal, and at bedtime

4. Do not worship false gods

5. Thou must not ERP, especially as a Catgirl

6. No seriously, if you play catperson, repent and then space yourself.

oh shit it?s dinertime OK MUM I?M GOING wha

no I wasn?t swearing I promise mom wait no please don?t take my 2006 macbook I?ll be good no please :(