Mares and stallions By Toby Wade

The Lusty Whorse

It was around 6 AM, Trim Polish, a simple pony who worked on shoes was sleeping. But not for long, as he was woken up by a loud knock coming from the front door. He groaned a little, not having gotten much sleep, it was just too warm. The knocks returned, clearly whoever it was that was knocking was impatient. "Yeah yeah, i'm coming!" Trim yelled, sighing lazily as he slowly got out of bed. He drowsily made his way to the front door, slowly opening it. He then looked at the mare who was knocking, a bit surprised to see her; Nebula Dust. Nebula Dust smiled enthustically at him, she was weirdly hyped. Dust and Polish had been friends for a long time, they quickly became pretty close. Dust wanted to get closer with him, but never had the courage to actually attempt pushing it beyond just friendship. She finally decided to try it, and didn't hold back."Hey Polish. May i come in?" Dust asked enthustically. He nodded, welcoming her inside. She then quickly made her way on to his couch, before sitting down on it. Polish closed the door, then went over to sit beside her. "What brings you here so early in the morning?" Polish asked, and Dust responded "Well, i kind wanted to push our friendship a little furthur. Perhaps... Friends with benefits?~" Polish blushed heavily, unsure what to say. But Dust decided to push it a little more, by giving him a suggestive smile, and getting up beside him. He felt a familiar sensation from his neathers. He couldn't hide the small erection which was growing. Dust noticed it, then smirked as she put a hoof on it. Polish gasped, looked at her, unsure whether or not he actually wanted it. But before he could bring himself to responding, he was slowly pushed down by Dust, who gave him a lusty smile. "Shhh, i promise it'll feel good~" Dust said reassuringly, then she layed down so she could face his growing shaft up close. She gave it a sniff, taking in the heavy amoughs of must. She then exhaled, relaxed and more aroused from the god-like smell. "You sure you wanna do this, Dust?..." Polish asked, a bit nervously. Dust nodded lightly. "Of course, i have always wanted to do this. I just can't hold it in any longer, just a blowjob, please~" Dust begged, and Polish nodded lightly, slowly relaxing. Dust then eagerly gave his now fully erect, 14 inch cock a sloppy lick, leaving behind a small, and mostly invisible trail of saliva. Polish let out a pleasurable gasp from the lick. "That felt good..." Polish said to the eager mare. She then slowly gave the tip a kiss, before taking it in slowly. She didn't hesitate to already deepthroat him, although barely able to fit in his shaft. She moaned internally, enjoying his juicy cock for quite a while, before he came a huge load down her throat, a bit bursting out from her mouth. After that, they layed back, falling asleep together. Their friendship has definitely moved into a sexual one. The end
i had to write a clopficSexy clopfic about a mare and a stallion. Because i am a brony