Fluxtels By Catlover78

Uh Oh Poo Poo!

          It was just a normal day in Swedistan for Flux, shitposting in discord and never doing any actual admin shit. When suddenly he got a DM from Bartels. Flux had always admired Bartels not only politically but sexually too. He had fantasized about Bartels bursting through his door and penetrating his filthy Swedestani asshole. Just thinking of Bartels got him very very aroused! So aroused in fact that he went to go take a break in order to jerk his tiny Swedestani dick. He went to his cum corner for the fifth time that day and as soon as he pulled out his embarrassingly small cock? SPLAT! An pitiful amount of cum spewed out and hit the wall! ?HURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPHH!!!? flux screamed out in a mixture of pleasure and pain. As soon as it hit the wall he had a bout of post nut clarity and realized he forgot about Bartels! He rushed back to his filthy and crusty computer dick still waving in the wind and came back to Bartels barraging him with insults. ?You fat fuc
swede? ?I?ll make you my bitch faggot? were only the tip of the iceberg of the insults. Flux rushed to type out a response ?P-PLEASE BARTELS KUN I-I?LL DO ANYTHING TO MAKE IT UP TO YOU!!!? ?Anything?? Bartels responded inquisitively ?Y-YES A-ANYTHING M-MASTER! ~~? ?hmMM alright how about I give you my address?. And you come over and be my slave for the day? How?s that sound faggot?? Flux pondered for a second but then remembered he can?t put together complex thoughts or reasoning ?O-OKAY MASTER I-I?LL BOOK A FLIGHT TO A-AFNEATHERSTAN N-NOW? he quickly typed out ?Alright faggot here?s my address 1345 Windmill Street? Flux however already knew were Bartels lived because he?s a creepy fuckin pirate stalker.
    Descent into shit

                      Flux wasted no time at all booking a flight to Afneatherstand. And before he knew it he was in the shitty homeland of the creature known as Fartels. It was a terrible place (worse than Swedestan if you can even imagine that!) pictures of spray cheese were plastered on every wall of every shitty mud hut. 2010 era facebook mom memes were stapled to the backs of every ???man??? women and manchild.  Anti-American sentiment was the only thing that could be heard in conversations (If you could even call them that) ?MUH DRUMPFO? ?NUT MUH PRESIDUNT? and ?EHAHHEUAHUEEERRRR AMERIMUTT!!? were the most common phrases heard. But Flux wasn?t there for political discourse. No, he was there to get punished by his Dutchistani overlord. He narrowly avoided getting molested by several trannies but he made it to the Dutchmans house. He frantically knocked on the door but found out the door was unlocked after several minutes of crying and screaming. The house was dark stic
ky and quiet. ?H-Hello?? he managed to shudder out. ?hey faggot? he heard from behind him ?WHA-? before he could even turn around he was bludgeoned in the head by a giant dragon dildo. He woke up sometime later tied to a chair? naked
Literal Climax
                      ?MFFF MFFF MFFFFFFFFFF? he tried to scream but realized he was gagged! ?heheheh your dick is even smaller then I imagined sad!? Bartels said destroying what little pride flux had left. Bartles removed the gag temporarily and said ?Lick me you fucking piggy? Flux of course followed his masters orders and licked his greasy, fat, and ugly Dutchistani face. Both degenerates moaned in sick and twisted pleasure Bartels knees buckled under the sheer amount of dopamine rushing into his brain. ?T-That h-hit the s-s-spot you fucking p-piggy now lets s-see that t-t-t-tiny ass dick? Flux was already rock hard (about 3mm was the max his dick would go) Bartels sat down on his sorry excuse for a penis and started to bounce on it. Flux of course nutted almost instantly ?I should?ve known a faggot like you wouldn?t last a minute with me!? Bartels proceeded to flip the chair and stuck his disgusting unwashed penis through the blood covered hole in the bottom
into Fluxes shitty asshole! ?MMMmMmM ITS TIGHTER THEN I IMAGINED!!? Bartels exclaimed in pleasure as he thrusted faster and deeper into Flux ?MPHFFF PHNFFF BRAPPPP!!? Flux screamed in pure agony as wooden splinters from the chair lodged deep into his ass. Despite this he was rock hard again and pissing up a storm! This barrage of moaning, pissing, and muffled screaming went on for about 40 minutes. By that time, Bartel?s dick was shredded from all the wooden splinters lodged into it and Flux?s asshole looked like Bernie! But Bartles was ready to cum. ?OHHHHH FUCKIN PIGGY YOUR GONNA BE SHITTING OUT MY CUMSPLOSION FOR A WEEK AFTER THIS!!? Bartels screamed out in masochistic pleasure as the full force of his nut hit Fluxes Colon! ?MPHHUGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!? Flux managed to scream out from the desecrated remains of the gag. As Bartels pulled out, a mixture of blood and cum gushed out of Flux?s anus at Mach 3. Bartle?s penis was far too damaged to function normally ever again, but it was all, but it was all worth it for him.

    Please Kill Me  

     ?A-Alright P-Piggy I-Its time for you to leave?? Bartels managed to stammer out while cutting Flux?s binds ?T-Thank you m-maste-? before Flux could finish his sentence Kde domov muj started blaring ?W-What the fu-? JUST THEN WOROSS BURSTED THROUGH THE DOOR OF THE MUD HUT! ?O-OH SHI-? He punched Fartels the shitty in the shredded remains of his penis making it explode! Then he shot Flux the fat with a bolter round in the balls! Both screamed in unimaginable pain and agony! As they both lay there crumbled and defeated, Woross exclaimed proudly ?IN FEALTY TO THE GOD EMPEROR OUR UNDYING LORD, AND BY THE GRACE OF THE GOLDEN THRONE, I DECLARE EXTERMINATUS UPON BOTH SWEDESTAN AND AFNEATHERSTAND. I HEREBY SIGN THE DEATH WARRANT OF TWO ENTIRE NATIONS AND CONSIGN A MILLION SOULS TO OBLIVION.?
He stapled two death warrants to the heretics heads and left the house of heresy. He left the door open so the heretics could see the destruction his Iron Warriors were dealing to Afneatherstand. It seemed to take hours but finally they heard the Cyclonic Torpedo falling. In one final act of heresy Bartels grabbed Flux?s hand and muttered ?Y-You know f-flux I always l-l-loved you?.? ?I-I loved you t-t-too daddy?? Flux responded with tears in his eyes. Just as the Torpedo fell into the mudhut Bartels pulled Flux in for one last heretical kiss before they were both obliterated along with both of their countries.

   The two most degenerate nations were both obliterated on that day and all of humanity was united under one single Czech banner. Humanity colonized and conquered the galaxy free from any heresy and everyone lived happily ever after.