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The Lustiest Trap. Vol 1

There once was a very nice looking girl, she was petite and kind eyed.  Many people whi didnt know her were brightened by her approach and her bouncy little step.  Many onlookers were unaware, under that skirt she was a Boy.

The Trap loved dressing as a girl, getting looks of joy from his presence.  He loved feeling the freedom of a skirt and girls clothing on his petite body. But most of all, he wnted someone to see him for who he was, and love him like no-one else could.

He went out one day, and walked around his part of town, watching onlookers as they smiled at his passing.  he would smile backand in his soft toned voice reply to them, and got excited when the wind blew his skirt up, embarassed but making him feel horny as onlookers saw his butt in his panties.  He continued onward looking for love.