Woody's Got Wood By Pop Rooks

One day while Andy was masturbating, Woody got wood.
The important thing to realize about this sentence is that it presupposes that the reader is familiar with the Toy Story films from the same era. In these movies, Andy is a human child and Woody is the name of his favorite toy, a stuffed cowboy doll. In the setting of the film, all toys are animate, but merely pretend to be inanimate while humans are around. It is in this fantasy world that our story also takes place. In the first sentence alone, Woody's got Wood gives the reader all of the information they need to understand the setting. Both protagonists of the work, Andy and Woody are named, and the fact that Andy is masturbating implies that Woody's got Wood takes place some time between the second and third films, after Andy has started puberty but before he has given the toys away. The sentence also lets the reader know that they toys have biological functions akin to their anatomy, so Woody has the ability to get "wood" or, an erect